Press Releases

2021 Releases

September 3


VDC Research Partners with AIM - RAIN Alliance for Engage Again & Tyre Expo 2021

April 30


VDC Research Announces Partnership with AIM - RAIN Alliance for Engage Again Virtual Conference

2020 Releases

July 8


Processor Vendors Must Support End-to-End Development

April 7


Police Fleets Show Signs of Mobile Momentum

March 30


RISC-V Driving the Open-Source Hardware Revolution to the Edge & IoT

March 24


Machine Vision & Industrial Barcode Scanning Market Comprises Largest AIDC Category

January 23


Global Market for Rugged Mobile Computers in the Warehouse Will Eclipse $1.7B by 2023

2019 Releases

December 13


Stationary Point of Sale Scanner Market to reach $480M by 2023

November 19


Global Market for Stationary Thermal Printers Will Exceed $1.8B by 2023

September 30


Growing Mobile Workforce Driving Adoption of Mobile Thermal Printers

September 27


Android Making OS Gains in Enterprise Tablet Market Despite Windows’ Dominance

September 23


E-commerce Driving Retailer Investment in Point of Sale Solutions

August 28


Handheld Self-Scanning Solutions Transforming Efficiency in Retail

July 16


Blockchain Technology Bridging the Supply Chain Traceability Gap & Improving Real-Time Visibility

June 27


Winners of Embeddy Awards Program Revealed at Inaugural Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference

April 19


Machine Vision Solutions & Industrial Scanner Adoption Driving Automation to New Heights

March 18


Field Service Management Providers Focusing on Customer Satisfaction and Specialization to Secure Niches

February 7


The Global Market for Smart Scanning Accessories Will Reach over $144M by 2022

January 7


Global Market for Voice-Enabled Workflow Solutions will Reach Over $173M in 2022


2018 Releases

December 10


Self-Driving Tech Disrupting the Automotive Software Supply Chain

November 19


Organizations’ Growing Mobile Dependency Bolstering the Adoption of Mobile Analytics Solutions

September 25


E-commerce Fueling Stationary Thermal Barcode Label Printer Demand

August 24


Modeling Tool Revenue Increasing at a CAGR of Over 8% Through 2022

August 10


Cybersecurity Threats Top-of-Mind for Mobile Solutions Buyers

July 18


Global Market for Handheld Scanners to Reach Over $1.48B through 2022

July 10


Global Market for IoT Edge Analytics Market Growing at CAGR of Over 35% Through 2022

June 22


Global Market for Managed Mobility Services to Reach over $1.35B through 2022

June 14


5G & High-Performance Edge Infrastructure Hardware Market Growing to $6.9B in 2022

May 16


OEMs’ In-House Spend on IoT Security Rising Beyond $11 Billion as Awareness of System Vulnerabilities Intensifies

March 6


Enterprise Requirements Driving Organizations to Adopt New IoT Technology

January 30


Mobile Applications Removing Informational Borders & Facilitating Communication within Health Care

January 25


IoT and Embedded Operating Systems Market to Reach 11.1B Units by 2021

January 9


Software and System Complexity Fueling Requirements Management and Product Line Engineering Tool Markets

2017 Releases

December 7


Large Organizations Still Struggling With Application Development Costs

November 29


IoT Executives Implementing Service-based Business Models to Reinvent Revenue Streams and Entire Businesses

November 1


Software Modernization & OS Migration Among Factors Fueling Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Investments

October 2


Advanced Capabilities Facilitating Shift Towards Predictive Field Service Solutions

September 21


Global Market for Mobile Thermal Printers to Exceed $500M by 2021

July 18


Windows 10 Migration Initiatives Open Unified Endpoint Management Opportunity for EMM Vendors

July 12


Consolidation Increases Pressure on Cloud Security Market

June 23


Escalating System Complexity Drives Modeling Tool Adoption as Users Capitalize on IoT

June 06


Revenues Coming into Focus for AR Development Solution Vendors

May 15


Citizen Development Portends Big Changes for the Future of Organizations

May 12


Multi-Pronged Test Tool Approach Necessary to Combat Software Vulnerabilities

April 11


More Than Barcode Scanning: OEM Scan Engine Market Growth Fueled by Image Capture and Machine Vision Applications

March 16


New Digital Services Offer Vendors and Opportunity to Move up their Customers’ Value Chain

February 21


Dimensioning Solutions in the Spotlight as Warehouses Strive to Modernize

February 17


Leaders Begin to Emerge in Highly Competitive IoT Cloud Platforms-as-a-Service Market

February 02


IoT & Embedded Engineers See Less Technical Problems and More Business Issues as IoT Adoption Continues

January 10


Global Rugged Handheld Computers & Smartphones Market to Reach $3.8B by 2020

January 05


Urgency of IoT Driving Embedded Processor Markets

2016 Releases

December 08


Investments in Color Label Printing Market Driven by Emerging Retail and Logistics Applications

December 07


DevOps & Multi-Engineering Domain Integration Extending the Collaboration of Agile

November 29


IoT & Embedded Operating System Vendors Face Consolidation

November 16


Shipment of Processor Chips with Integrated Security Hardware for IoT Devices to Exceed 1B Units Annually by 2020

October 26


Global Market for Stationary Thermal Barcode Printers to reach $1.6 Billion in 2020

October 26


Global Stationary POS Scanner Revenues to Grow to $447 Million by 2020

October 21


Global Handheld Scanning Market Bolstered by Increased Mobile Scanning Adoption

October 20


Rising Mobile Enablement Generating Demand for Next Generation Mobile Security Solutions

October 14


Investment in LoB Mobile Devices for Health Care Ecosystem Reaches All-Time High

October 14


Emerging Market Opportunities Come to the Rescue for Inventory Tank Gauge Suppliers

August 18


Thermal Printers Revenues to Grow to $509 Million by 2020 led by E-commerce Expansion and Enterprise Mobilization

August 18


Rise in Connected Factory Installments Give Mobile Solutions Growth Opportunities

August 17


LoB Tablets Deployments Offer Some Reprieve in an Otherwise Depressed Market

August 3


Industrial Gateways, Application Development Platforms, and IoT Services Set to Fuel IIoT and Connected Factory Growth

July 13


Several EMM Vendors Are Enjoying Strong Growth, Led by AirWatch by VMware

June 29


The Next Phase of Enterprise Mobile Investment Requires Greater Collaboration between OT and IT Decision Makers

June 20


VDC Research’s Chris Rommel to Present at Sensors Expo & Conference

June 14


Mobile Adoption in Hazardous Manufacturing Environments is Key Despite Limited Options

June 09


Fast-Approaching Regulatory Deadlines and Recall Preparedness Will Drive Greater Adoption of Traceability Solutions

April 14


Global Handheld Self-Scanning Solutions Market to Reach $92 Million in 2020

April 13


Aging Mobile Infrastructure Leading to Platform Modernization for Field Services

April 05


Importance of Requirements Management Tooling Decisions Driving More Corporate Involvement

March 31


Embedded Engineers See Higher Volume of IoT Services, but Path to Monetization Remains Unclear

March 31


Global IoT Security-as-a-Service Revenue to Reach $563 Million in 2020

March 07


Mobile Expansion Exposes Challenges for IT Organizations to Support Initiatives Internally

March 02


High Connectivity, Low Security in Home Automation and Wearables Market

February 22


Agile Combined with Modeling Tools Yielding Greater Engineering Schedule Performance

February 12


Hypervisor - Security concerns are at the forefront

January 28


Connected Warehouses Becoming the Norm to Support Fulfillment Requirements across Multiple Channels

January 28


Connected Vehicle Cybersecurity Creates Risks and Opportunities in Automotive Market

January 28


Connected Medical Devices Are Sick with Vulnerabilities

January 27


Investment in Automated Security Testing Tools Ramping Rapidly

January 27


Mobile Solutions Play a Crucial Role in Optimizing Military Operations


2015 Releases

December 16


VDC Reports Windows Gap Spurring Tech Competition in Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Space

December 16


Mobile Barcode Scanning Expands Total Available Market for Data Capture Solutions, According to VDC Research

December 15


VDC Reports Mobile Opportunities in the Postal-Courier Market will Accompany the End of Legacy Windows

December 1


Hardware-in-the-Loop Opportunities Growing Outside of Legacy Base Use, According to VDC Research

November 23


Gateways Laying Foundation for the Internet of Things, According to VDC Research

November 19


Traditional IoT & Embedded Operating System Vendors Shifting Market and Shrinking Margins, According to VDC Research

November 3


Internet of Things Propels Embedded Software Security to New Heights, According to VDC Research

October 22


Rugged Handheld Devices and Smartphones Rising in Enterprise, According to VDC Research

October 1


Slowing Tablet Market Finds Foot in the Enterprise, According to VDC Research

September 24


Mobile Enablement Introduces Significant Security Threats to Enterprise IT, According to VDC Research

September 23


Rugged Mobile Market's Wild Ride Continues, According to VDC Research

August 13


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Market Maturing Quickly; Security Innovations Offer Vendors Opportunities for Differentiation

July 28


VDC Research Selects LDRA's Tool Suite 9.5 for the Embeddy Award

July 21


Zebra Technologies' Remarkable Sales Growth Propels Stationary Barcode Printer Market to New Highs in 2014, According to VDC

July 7


Softening Notebook Market and Weak European Economy Mute Global Performance in Q1, According to VDC Research

June 18


Global IoT Services Revenue to Reach $78 Billion in 2020, According to VDC Research

June 18


Imaging Revenues Officially Exceed Those Derived by Sales of Laser and CCD Scanners Combined, According to VDC Research

April 10


Rugged Mobile Market Eyes Promising Rebound in 2015, According to VDC Research

March 31


Mobile Professional Services Providers Set to Make Substantial Gains, According to New Research by VDC

March 5


Embedded Operating Systems are at the Core of Growing Software Value, According to New Research by VDC

February 13


$290 Million Mobile Printer Market Hotbed for Solution Innovation, According to VDC Research

January 26

Complexity in the Internet of Things is Driving Adoption of Requirements Management Tools, According to New Research by VDC