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Rising Mobile Enablement Generating Demand for Next Generation Mobile Security Solutions, According to VDC Research

Layering security measures, deploying Unified Endpoint Management, and educating employees are critical to minimizing threats

Investment in LoB Mobile Devices for Health Care Ecosystem Reaches All-Time HighNATICK, MA | October 20, 2016
- The adoption of corporate mobility has eliminated the notion of a corporate network perimeter, according to a new report from VDC Research (click here for more info). Threats now extend much further than devices: vulnerabilities such as malware, direct attacks, data interception, exploitation, and social engineering are all evolving and remain a threat on multiple endpoints.

Implementing the appropriate security solutions can be a complex task due to variations in regulatory and compliance-related requirements based on region and industry. Security must also carry over to application development. Capabilities such as secure coding techniques, application security testing, and deploying web application firewalls (WAF) are important areas for investment, if not currently implemented. “Finding the appropriate security solution that fits organizational needs will be crucial as enterprises modernize their infrastructure to accommodate increased mobile application usage across the workforce” said Eric Klein, Director of Enterprise Mobility and Connected Devices at VDC.

VDC’s research shows that IT heads want mobility solutions that will easily and seamlessly integrate into their existing infrastructure and their applications. Interoperability with existing infrastructure remains a high hurdle for organizations, particularly for those that are embracing BYOD and giving their mobile workforce access to corporate networks, databases, and applications.

“Due to varied enterprise needs, a singular solution remains elusive,” Klein said. "However, there are actionable methods of mitigating the risks of a security breach. Typical users neither understand the available security mechanisms nor properly use the appropriate protection mechanisms to their and their organization’s full benefit. Educating employees is critical to minimizing threats to an IT infrastructure.” Other solutions, such as Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), introduce the possibility of managing heterogeneous mobile platforms alongside traditional PC deployments through a single pane of glass. According to VDC, these types of solutions can help reduce costs, create consistent policy enforcement, and free up IT staff to work on other more business critical initiatives. 

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