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VDC Research is a B2B technology market intelligence and consulting firm, delivering in-depth insights and strategies to vendors, technology decision makers, and investors across the globe since 1971.

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Dramatically improve the performance of your business through a range of services that identify transformative opportunities, solve persistent challenges, and enable you to execute at unprecedented scale and speed.

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Leave your competition behind by tapping into a continuous stream of expert market analysis and ultra-granular data that gives you unparalleled insight into the future of your business. p p p p p p p p p o o o o o o

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VDC is proud to be a trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading technology companies.

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Our continuous coverage of major technology markets offers clients expert insights and extensive data, enabling breakthrough strategies and superior business performance.

Automatic Identification & Data Capture

Automatic Identification & Data Capture

VDC Research is the leading analyst firm covering AutoID and Data Capture technologies and applications. Learn More

Enterprise Mobility & Connected Devices

Enterprise Mobility & The Connected Worker

Providing in-depth and cogent analyses of critical trends impacting the opportunity for enterprise mobility solutions. Learn More

Industrial Automation & Sensors

Industrial Automation & Sensors

Enormous pressure for improved manufacturing responsiveness and efficiency is creating opportunities. Learn More

IoT & Embedded Technology

Internet of Things (IoT) market opportunities are driving rapid change in the technology ecosystem. Learn More

Go To Market Consulting Services

Go-To Market Consulting

Educate your market, enhance your brand, and generate highly qualified leads using VDC’s Go-To-Market Services. Learn More

Strategic Advisory Services Consulting Services

Strategic Advisory Services Consulting

Identify and achieve ambitious goals for your business through consulting engagements from VDC’s Strategic Advisory Services. Learn More

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Thousands of enterprises and workers across industries around the globe woke up Friday morning to what is described as the “Blue Screen of Death” on their Windows PCs. This outage originates from CrowdStrike, a leading cybersecurity…