Custom Research & Consulting

Each client’s business needs and objectives are unique, such as the desire to enter a new market or change distribution strategies. VDC’s custom research and consulting services are tailored to fit the client’s unique requirements, leveraging VDC’s deep subject-matter expertise and proven research methodologies.

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Consulting Tools and Methodology

We share every aspect of our tools with our clients — the logic behind their creation, the mechanics of using them, the way to derive maximum value from them — so that they can revise it and redeploy it as they see fit. Our clients' maximum benefit comes from integrating these tools into core decision-making processes.

Examples of the tools and methods that we deploy and deliver include the following:

Targeted Surveys

A cornerstone of our work is our direct-contact, primary market research. Our highly-customized surveys to end customers and channels are developed alongside the client, and produce specific answers to the most important questions facing the client. Download our IoT Targeted Surveys Brochure to learn more.

Market Estimates and Forecasts

Our granular, actionable market estimate and forecast models are developed using multiple sources – suppliers, end users, channels – in order to maximize accuracy. Models provide forecast trends in unit shipments, supplier revenue, end-user spending plans, or all of the above.

Stakeholder Maps and Profiles

In order to help clients more accurately and powerfully understand who they are (or might be) competing or collaborating with, we build detailed, flexible stakeholder maps of the markets that we cover. These maps are given to our clients for their commentary and, in some cases, their own brand of customization.

Industry Development Scenarios

The future of any technology market cannot be accurately predicted every time – too many complex forces at play. Our industry development scenario tools logically narrow the list of possibilities so that clients can focus, prioritize their resources, and maximize their opportunities for success.

Market Opportunity Fit Screening, Rating, and Ranking

Our opportunity fit screening, rating, and ranking tools help clients assess their market success likelihood, long after VDC has finished the engagement. Clients can go back to the screening frameworks to review their thinking, revise their strategies, and improve their results. Download our Buyer Persona Whitepaper to learn more.

To learn about how your company can benefit from VDC's custom research and consulting services, contact us at 508.653.9000 or

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