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Internet of Things (IoT) market opportunities are driving rapid change in the technology ecosystem. VDC Research covers new and evolving IoT and embedded technology solutions, combining research-driven commentary, analysis, market sizing, forecasting, and competitive analysis. Our analysts interview thousands of IoT and embedded engineers, decision-makers, and influencers across all major verticals to gain in-depth insight into their project requirements, solution selection criteria,preferences, spending, and more to help our clients make critical decisions with confidence.

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LPWANs for IoT Wireless Connectivity

Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs) serve a distinct niche in the Internet of Things—between local area networks and high-bandwidth cellular services—for devices that only need to periodically trickle out small amounts...

Embedded & Edge AI Hardware

Embedded and edge systems are rapidly increasing support for new AI workloads to boost application performance or solution capabilities beyond the cloud domain. While the adoption and use of AI is established in enterprise and datacenter environments...

Machine Vision Development Solutions for IoT Systems

Mounting versatility across machine vision hardware and software solutions, as well as unique use cases brought by machine learning capabilities, will push the market for machine vision development solutions for IoT...

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IBM and GitLab Join Forces – Engineering Teams Should Pay Close Attention

In order to serve the growing number of organizations adopting DevOps practices in their software development pipelines, IBM and GitLab announced an expanded partnership to help automate the delivery of cloud-native applications.

The CES That Was and Wasn’t

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit worldwide in early 2020, nearly all trade shows and conferences have been cancelled, postponed, or converted to virtual events. CES 2021 is the largest event thus far to go virtual, and it largely went was well as could be expected under the circumstances, with...

Linux Leading Containers Into the IoT Market

The development of containers largely originated from Linux-based operating systems (OSs), making Linux the essential groundwork for the vast majority of modern container deployments, including Docker containers and those orchestrated through Kubernetes.

AMD-Xilinx Becomes New Market Leader for Embedded System-on-Chips

2020 has been a year of tremendous change for most everyone including the global market for IoT, embedded and mobile processing solutions. Earlier this week, AMD announced it had entered into a definitive agreement to...