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Zebra to Acquire Temptime

Zebra Technologies announced its intent to acquire privately held Temptime Corporation for an undisclosed sum. Temptime is an industry leader in the development of remote temperature monitoring solutions, with a particular focus in the healthcare industry.

Walmart Reimagines Supply Chain Traceability with Blockchain Technology

Supply chain traceability is often a time-consuming and costly challenge for food producers. When food bacteria outbreaks such as E coli and salmonella infest any portion of a grocer’s produce, they are forced to...

A Slippery Slope Between Collaborative Robotics and Human Workers

As companies shift towards relying more on intelligent robots in their work flows, the concern for human job replacement and robot autonomy rises. The increase of ecommerce has intensified order fulfillment requirements...

MODEX 2018 Highlights the Drive Towards Industrial Automation

MODEX is the premier tradeshow for supply chain and logistics solutions, powered by the MHI and held biannually in Atlanta, GA where industry leaders inDC and robotics display their latest technology.

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