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VMWare’s AetherPal Acquisition Addresses Gap

Early this week, VMware announced the intent to acquire AetherPal, a mobile device management solution focused on enhancing remote support. This acquisition will follow a multi-year business relationship between...

Carnage among Smart Glasses and AR

ODG and Meta, top players in the smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) space, are closing down. This is sobering news: both companies had received over $50M in funding, and ODG had been a darling among...

Motorola Acquisitions Shows Growing Public Safety Market

Chicago-based Motorola Solutions, a leading provider of technological products for government, public safety and first responder agencies, has acquired VaaS International Holdings for $445 million.

Over 90% of Traditional Voice-Driven Mobility Solutions to Leverage Data Analytics by 2020

Mature markets for voice-enabled mobility solutions see significant productivity and efficiency gains from these intuitive and hands-free technologies.

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