Testimonials & Clients

“VDC Research provides accurate and reliable data, analysis, and guidance on the embedded systems market that we use to help us identify and capture new market opportunities.”

“Market research from VDC has been instrumental in many of our key marketing decisions, helping us identify and capitalize on significant new opportunities.”

“VDC can be counted on to provide objective market intelligence upon which critical business decisions can be based.  They are a valued partner in AD’s market planning.”

“We rely on VDC’s data, analysis, and insight as valuable input into our strategic and product planning efforts.”

“VDC’s syndicated reports help maintain our competitive edge, drive our global strategy and keep abreast of market trends; and the custom projects we’ve completed together guide our tactical sales and marketing efforts.”

“VDC’s mobile and wireless research represents a critical resource for our strategic planning and market development activities.”

“Whether syndicated or custom, VDC’s research and insight has helped shape our barcode and rugged mobile computing strategies for the last 12 years.”

"VDC's AIDC research is a crucial resource for Intermec's strategic planning process."

“There are bigger market research firms out there, but no one digs into the embedded space like VDC. We rely upon their data and analysis for many of the critical market-related decisions we make.”

“We rely on VDC not only for their unmatched coverage of the enterprise mobility market but also for the access to and interaction with their analyst team.”

“We rely on VDC for in depth and accurate rugged mobile computer market analysis. The access to their analysts and timely support make their services invaluable to us.”

“As a leading technology market research and strategy consulting firm, VDC serves as a valuable resource for our strategic development and analysis of current and emerging opportunities.”