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Machine Vision & Industrial Barcode Scanning Market Comprises Largest AIDC Category, According to VDC Research
Integrated and advanced new technologies are converging to maximize efficiency

NATICK, MA | March 24, 2020 - Combined, the machine vision and industrial barcode scanning market is the largest category of AutoID & Data Capture (AIDC) technology by far, according to VDC Research (click here for more information). This growing market significantly expands future strategic opportunities for traditional AIDC vendors in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, and healthcare and a wide range of emerging industries. Innovative technologies and applications, ranging from integrated scanners, sensors and cameras, robotics and guidance, and machine learning and artificial intelligence, are contributing to advanced features such as track and trace and e-commerce fulfillment picking that have the potential to boost efficiency and cost-savings.  

Machine vision is enhancing data collection and bringing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into the warehouse, moving smart factories of the future closer to fruition. “We are increasingly seeing examples of machine vision systems being integrated into every step of the manufacturing process, rather than being relegated only to the inspection of finished goods,” said Andy Adelson, Senior Analyst at VDC. “Machine vision is a critical enabler of smart factories by enabling feedback loops where disparate systems can communicate with each other.” According to the report, these solutions are capable of optimizing capacity, quality, and overall productivity in the factory environment while helping to reduce the cost of human error.

This report explores and quantifies the opportunities for machine vision and industrial barcode scanning in numerous industries

Forecasted Global Shipments of Machine Vision Systems by Industry (U.S. $M)
Global Market for Rugged Mobile Computers in the Warehouse Will Eclipse $1.7M by 2023

Scanners, sensors and cameras are critical components to delivering the advanced functionality of AI, IoT, deep learning, traceability, and analytics to factories and manufacturing facilities. At the same time, robotics and collaborative robots are becoming pervasive parts of machine vision installations in applications ranging from packing, warehousing, and parcel handling. According to VDC’s research, the integration of machine vision, sensors, and machine learning software has the potential to reinvent traditional supply chain operations by automating tasks typically reserved for humans.

The closely-related market for industrial barcode scanners experienced a slowdown in 2019 due to industry cycles and macro-economic conditions such as coronavirus, with key market leaders such as Cognex, Datalogic, and SICK experiencing decreased results. Tariffs imposed on China by the U.S. as well as extreme price-based competition have had a significant impact on the APAC region – the largest market for industrial scanning. “Despite near-term concerns, all leading vendors expect to recover during the 2021 to 2023 timeframe,” said Adelson. The report also indicates that while the industry is shifting from industrial laser to imager solutions, laser scanners will enjoy a long tail market as they continue to be deployed in warehouses, factories, airport baggage handling, and other environments.

To date, industrial barcode scanners are more prevalent in automated warehouses and shipping centers, whereas machine vision systems are more widespread in manufacturing environments. As the market for machine vision and industrial barcode scanning continues to evolve, the combination of advanced camera-based technologies with increasingly sophisticated software and analytics capabilities will continue to open up new use cases, applications, and opportunities beyond traditional inspection and data-capture systems. This market is analyzed in detail in VDC’s recently published report, Machine Vision Solutions and Stationary Industrial Scanners. This comprehensive report contains strategic insight on over a dozen top-tier manufacturers and systems integrators, and provides financial tracking, in-depth market sizing, five-year forecasts, regional trend & competitive landscape analysis, vendor profiles, and more.

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