AutoID & Data Capture Report

Machine Vision and Industrial Barcode Scanners
by Andy Adelson, with Richa Gupta, and David Krebs, March 2020

Inside This Report

Machine vision and industrial barcode scanning systems, starting today and looking five years into the future, are converging to create other forms of “frictionless”. Walmart and Kroger use systems in automated operations to fill online orders ten times faster than humans. Tyson uses computer vision in its poultry processing and has lowered labor, boosted production line throughput, and achieved nearly 100% accuracy when weighing foods.

Vendors Profiled in this Report

Basler, Baumer, Cognex, Datalogic Vision Systems and Stationary Industrial Scanners, Imaging Development Systems (IDS), Keyence, KLA Orbotech, Leuze Electronics, National Instruments, Omron, SICK, Teledyne. Fifty vendors tracked in VDC market size and share dataset.

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