VDC Latest Research

AutoID & Data Capture

    After two years of solid growth in 2017 and 2018, driven in particular by investments in bioptic POS scanners for self-checkout systems, 2019 shipments of POS scanners fell by 10.4% from $XXXM to $XXXM. Learn more

    This research analyzes the key strategic issues, trends, and market drivers for handheld barcode scanners and imagers, including 2D imagers, linear imagers (CCD scanners), and laser scanners. Learn more

Enterprise Mobility & the Connected Worker

Industrial Automation & Sensors

    The burgeoning market for Industrial IoT platforms reached nearly $600M in global revenue in 2019, and will continue to gain momentum through the end of the forecast period, though at a more subdued pace than we may have expected prior to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Learn more

    Which suppliers hold the greatest market share? Where are they strongest? How will the demand for wireless sensors impact supplier strategies? Which liquid level measurement technologies will grow at the greatest rate during the forecast period? Learn more

IoT & Embedded Technology

    VDC Research conducts extensive annual surveys of IoT and embedded engineers. This report highlights some notable findings and analyzes key trends from the most recent such survey. Learn more

    VDC Research is recognizing the top vendors of merchant embedded processors, boards/modules, and integrated systems/servers with the 2020 “Platinum and Gold” vendor satisfaction awards. Learn more