VDC Latest Research

AutoID & Data Capture

Enterprise Mobility & the Connected Worker

    This report covers the expanding push-to-talk ecosystem that increasingly and simultaneously leverages traditional radio/ LMR/PMR technologies alongside broadband-based, or PTT-over-Cellular (PoC), solutions and other data-driven capabilities. Learn more

    This report covers the overall market opportunity for clamshell notebooks and 2-in-1 devices deployed to support enterprise and government line-of-business (LoB) applications, including market sizing and forecasts for fully rugged, semi-rugged and enterprise-issued non-rugged devices. Learn more

Industrial Automation & Sensors

    As high-profile breaches make headlines and raise awareness across all areas of industry, industrial organizations have become increasingly proactive in addressing OT security, mindful of the potentially catastrophic consequences of a breach. Learn more

IoT & Embedded Technology

    Embedded and edge systems are rapidly increasing support for new AI workloads to boost application performance or solution capabilities beyond the cloud domain. Learn more