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2021 Industrial Cybersecurity Software & Services

2021 Industrial Networking Infrastructure Components

2020 Industrial Automation and Sensors Survey

2020 Industrial Networking Market Requirements and Opportunities Analysis

2020 Industrial IoT Platforms

The Global Market for Process Level Measurement of Solids

The Global Market for Process Level Measurement of Liquids

The Global Market for Industrial Cybersecurity Software & Services

The Global Market for Linear Displacement Sensors

Industrial Automation & Sensors Survey Dataset & Analysis

The Global Market for Rotary Position Sensors

2018 Global Market for Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, and Limit Switches

2018 Global Market for Electromechanical Pressure Switches

2018 Global Market for Position Sensors - Research Outline

2017 Industrial Automation & Sensors Demand Side Analysis

2017 Vertical Market Focus: Security for Industrial Automation

2016 Industrial Internet of Things & Connected Factory

2016 Global Market for Data Acquisition Solutions 2016

  • 2016 Global Market for Inventory Tank Gauge Sensors

  • 2015 Global Market for Temperature Sensors

    2015 Global Market for Temperature Switches

    2015 Global Market for Mechanical Process Level Sensors

    2015 Global Market for Electronic Process Level Sensors

  • 2015 Global Market for Position Sensors

    2015 Global Market for Rotary Position Sensors

    IoT services are among the main reasons for connecting devices to the Internet. At their most basic level, these services fall into four core categories: connectivity; device monitoring and control; data collection and storage; and data analytics. In various combinations, these functions produce IoT services that enable: businesses, municipalities, and consumers to reduce costs and maximize utilization of their devices; dealers to provide predictive maintenance and improve customer service; and OEMs to understand usage patterns to develop new features and refine product designs. Visit the Connect, Control, Store, & Analyze page to learn more.


  • The overall Enterprise Mobility opportunity remains strong. However, as mobile hardware innovation slows - prolonging mobile replacement cycles - investment emphasis among enterprise decision makers is shifting. In 2017 organizations will be particularly focused on what their investments in mobile solutions are enabling in terms of a more connected and collaborative workforce and their migration to more digital services. Visit the 2017 Enterprise Mobility Predictions page to learn more.

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