Industrial Automation & Sensors

The Global Market for Data Acquisition Technologies

by Jared Weiner, with Chris Rommel, March 2022

Inside This Report
Data acquisition (DAQ) solutions—external chassis and modules, plug-in analog I/O boards, and DAQ software—are used to convert physically or electrically measured signals such as temperature or pressure into digital output suitable for computer processing. This report provides an analysis of the commercial market for DAQ solutions, including a comprehensive global market sizing and forecast as well as discussions around key growth drivers, forward-looking industry trends, and competitive dynamics. The global market sizing and forecast includes revenue segmentation by region, product type, consuming industry, application type, sales channel, and leading vendors.

Vendors Listed In This Report
Acromag | ADLink Technology | Advantech | Campbell Scientific | Contec | DEWETRON | Dranetz Technologies | Fluke Corporation | Graphtec | Hioki E.E. Corporation | Hottinger Brüel & Kjær | Keysight Technologies | MathWorks | Measurement Computing | NI | Pentek | Schneider Electric | Vitrek | VTI Instruments | Yokogawa