Industrial Cybersecurity Software & Services

by Jared Weiner, with Chris Rommel, July 2019

What questions are addressed?

  • This market will attain an annual growth rate of nearly 14.9% through 2023, nearly doubling by the end of the forecast period.

  • Among the key factors that will shape the growth of this market in the coming years is the continued maturation of operators with regard to cybersecurity practices.

  • Regulatory bodies and other standards organizations play a key role in driving security awareness and best practices among industrial organizations and the security providers that serve them.

  • The energy/power segment was the leading source of revenue in 2018, generating more than 30% of software-related revenue and nearly 60% of revenue from services

  • Infrastructure projects in emerging nations will provide suppliers with a significant opportunity for revenue growth.

Vendors listed in this report:

ABB, Claroty, Cyberbit, Dragos, Emerson, ESET, FireEye, Honeywell, Indegy, McAfee, Nozomi Networks, Palo Alto Networks, PAS, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, SecurityMatters, Sentryo, Siemens, Symantec, Verve Industrial Protection, Yokogawa

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