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Machine Vision Solutions & Industrial Scanner Adoption Driving Automation to New Heights, According to VDC Research
Deep learning, AI, and other developments are unlocking Industry 4.0 potential

NATICK, MA | April 19, 2019 - The markets for machine vision and industrial scanning solutions are growing rapidly as organizations automate to minimize defects, accelerate production, and cut costs, according to VDC Research (click here for more information). From factory floors to distribution centers, the applications for vision and scanning solutions have expanded across sectors, enabling significant advances for e-commerce, track and trace, quality control and more. While machine vision solutions are distinct from industrial scanners, both product sets are intertwined.

Forecasted Global Shipments of Machine Vision Systems and Industrial Barcode Scanners
(Billions of Dollars)

Machine Vision Solutions & Industrial Scanner Adoption Driving Automation to New Heights

Machine vision solutions are essential to building connected factories of the future, according to VDC. The upswing of image-based technology holds significant potential for emerging areas such as vision-guided robotics for applications such as packaging, warehousing, parcel handling. “Machine vision systems are increasingly being integrated throughout the entire production line, rather than only at the end to inspect the finished good,” said Andy Adelson, AutoID and Data Capture Analyst at VDC. Additionally, new developments such as deep learning and AI are emerging as key systems to improve object detection and classification in digital factories, ultimately fueling Industry 4.0 initiatives.

At the same time, the market for industrial barcode scanners is growing due to the breadth and sophistication of scanners, coupled with continuous price reductions. According to VDC, the market has seen an ongoing shift from industrial laser scanners to camera-based imaging solutions. Imagers now account for nearly 75% of overall global revenues, indicating the value that imaging solutions provide in fixed-position industrial scanning environments. “Another trend to watch will be how vendors and integrators across the globe are heavily investing in automation to support booming growth in e-commerce and courier express parcel (CEP) delivery,” said Adelson.

As the markets for machine vision and industrial barcode scanners continue to grow, vendors and system integrators will need to make the most of emerging opportunities. “Given the growth of these industries, coupled with fragmentation, especially in machine vision, we expect to see more vendor acquisitions and consolidation in the coming five years,” said Adelson. Both of these markets are highlighted in VDC’s recently published report, Machine Vision Solutions and Stationary Industrial Barcode Scanners. This comprehensive report contains a detailed directory of almost 100 vendors, granular market sizing and forecasting, and extensive primary research.

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