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Organizations’ Growing Mobile Dependency Bolstering the Adoption of Mobile Analytics Solutions, According to VDC Research
Network connectivity issues and security concerns are among the top causes of mobile solution failure

NATICK, MA | November 19, 2018 - Mobile analytics solutions are drastically transforming industries by giving organizations real-time, actionable insight into service quality, security, device health, data usage, and application and network performance. According to a new report from VDC Research, an increase of even one dropped connection per shift could translate into almost $1,400 in annual productivity loss costs. Mobile analytics solutions can help organizations mitigate these losses, preemptively address disruption, and significantly improve productivity.

VDC’s research states that analytics organizations have long been aware of the need to leverage mobile and cloud technologies to drive operational efficiencies and achieve more intimate and engaging customer interactions. However, managing mobile deployments at scale comes with its own set of challenges. “With managed and unmanaged devices, multiple cellular networks, and a growing relience on consumer, business, and custom-developed mobile apps, it is difficult to understand and measure performance, gain visibility, and apply analytics,” said Eric Klein, Director of Enterprise Mobility and Connected Devices at VDC. “Understanding the realities of issues like network availability, application performance, and data consumption are critical to maximizing the benefits of your mobile investments.”

Leading Causes of Mobile Solution Failure
Mobile Analytics Solutions Optimizing Productivity for Business-Critical Devices, According to VDC Research

Organizations with business or mission-critical deployments have been early adopters of mobile analytics solutions, which are essential for organizations that cannot tolerate downtime. According to VDC’s research, there is a tremendous amount of telemetry data pertaining to network and device health, as well as web and mobile application usage; the ability to proactively manage mobile assets and address potential points of conflict or disruptions can not only improve productivity but can also lead to a more engaged and happier workforce. The benefits of these solutions include traffic optimization, prioritization of applications and network access, and visibility into performance metrics. “Start by determining how well your business-critical applications are performing and identify where the demand for bandwidth lies, both physically and in terms of traffic types,” added Klein.

VDC’s Analytics in the Mobile Era report evaluates vendors that offer analytic-oriented solutions that can help organizations automate key aspects of managing their mobile estates, including hardware, software, network infrastructure and logistics. It also explores how vendors are differentiating and going to market with their respective products/solutions.


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