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Field Service Management Providers Focusing on Customer Satisfaction and Specialization to Secure Niches, According to VDC Research
New deployments are facilitating the shift towards predictive, preventative service models

NATICK, MA | March 18, 2019 - The next generation of field mobility solutions are fundamentally changing the way business and customer-critical assets are being managed, according to a new study from VDC Research (click here for more information). The latest field service solutions are building on the productivity gains and customer benefits realized by initial automation deployments, giving enterprises unprecedented insight into business processes and facilitating the shift towards proactive, predictive, and preventative service models.

Top Priorities Driving Investments in Mobile Field Service Solutions
(Percent of Respondents)
The Global Market for Smart Scanning Accessories Will Reach over $144M by 2022

The top priority driving investments in mobile field service solutions is the need for faster response to unexpected events, according to VDC. Additionally, many field service management providers are focusing on improving customer engagement and satisfaction as a means of securing revenue. The report states that 61% of field service management organizations are now tracking satisfaction rates and improving customer-centric KPIs. “Customers are becoming increasingly selective, insisting on better service that is tailored to their needs,” said Spencer Gisser, Research Analyst at VDC. “Customer-centric solutions are more than just tools for customer retention – they are tools to cut costs and generate revenue,” said Gisser.

In order to differentiate themselves, VDC finds that key players in this market are looking for ways to provide advanced capabilities. By harnessing the power of mobile apps, sensors, and the IoT, organizations can provide enhanced capabilities such as dynamic checklists and remote assistance. “Predictive and prescriptive maintenance are integral to achieving zero operational downtime for customers,” said Gisser. The report states that increasing analytic rigor will allow organizations to catch maintenance problems sooner, eventually to the point where they can predict failure and respond quickly to enhance machine lifetime.  

In addition to technological advances, this market is rife with competition. “In the past year alone, SAP and Silver Lake bought two of the leading field service management providers,” said Gisser. According to VDC, nearly every company across the board has made significant improvements to their platforms, making the search for differentiation that much harder. In response to the rapid pace of technological advancement, many field service management providers are building out specialized capabilities in an effort to order to competitively differentiate and secure niches. Some cater to specific workflows while others integrate with certain kinds of specialized equipment. “Looking to the future, as advanced technology continues to become more commonplace, innovation and specialization will prompt dynamic change within this market” said Gisser.

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