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Global Market for Stationary Thermal Printers Will Exceed $1.8B by 2023, According to VDC Research
The need for improved inventory accuracy and order traceability is fueling thermal printer demand

NATICK, MA | November 19, 2019 - The global market for stationary thermal barcode printers will exceed $1.8B by 2023, fueled by demand for enhanced inventory accuracy, improved order traceability, and increased quality control. According to a new report from VDC Research, industrial sectors comprise the bulk of the market, with the manufacturing and logistics sectors accounting for over 75% of global stationary thermal printer investments.

Forecasted Global Shipments of Barcode Printers Segmented by Economic Sector
(Millions of Dollars)

Global Market for Stationary Thermal Printers Will Exceed $1.8B by 2023

“Growing traceability efforts across an expanding list of products, e-commerce influenced item-level order fulfillment and expansion into small and medium business segment are among the catalysts driving continued demand for thermal printing systems,” said Michael Clarke, Research Analyst at VDC. VDC’s research shows that while Zebra Technologies, Sato, Toshiba and Honeywell currently control the majority of this market the landscape is changing. In particular, low cost stationary thermal printer manufacturers in Asia-Pacific and Europe are challenging existing market dynamics, creating pricing pressure and often margin erosion.

Vendors are appealing to customers through a variety of value-added services and functionality. From managed print service offerings and remote printer management capabilities to innovative approaches to media and consumables management, vendors are differentiating by making their printers easier to use and manage and by lowering their cost of operation.

Beyond traditional bar code labeling printing applications, there is growing demand for RFID-enabled printers, albeit from a small current footprint and niche position. “RFID can better facilitate dynamic inventory accuracy in retail to accommodate higher e-commerce fulfillment and in-store visibility. However, this comes at a higher price point,” said Clarke.

The opportunity for thermal bar code printers continues to grow across various regions, industry sectors and use case profiles, as evidenced by VDC Research’s 2019 Global Markets for Stationary Thermal Label Printer report. With detailed market size models, growth forecasts and competitive landscape analysis, this report represents the definitive resource for organizations participating in this market.

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