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Global Stationary POS Scanner Revenues to Grow to $447 Million by 2020, According to VDC Research
Applications including reading of 2D barcode labels and loyalty cards are leading the charge for POS scanners


Global Stationary POS Scanner Revenues to Grow to $447 Million by 2020, According to VDC ResearchNATICK, MA | October 26, 2016 - The global stationary POS scanners market will grow 5% year over year from 2015 to 2016 and is expected to grow to $ 446.8M by 2020, according to a new report by VDC Research. The Americas will continue to be the primary market for these solutions led by key refreshes from Tier 1 retailers to more image-based solutions and will grow at an expected 4% CAGR through the forecast period. However, Asia-Pacific and EMEA markets for POS scanning solutions are also expected to grow considerably, especially presentation form factor solutions in emerging markets as retailers look to automate manual paper-based processes, improve efficiencies at the POS and deploy self-checkout processes.


Sales of POS scanners are expected to grow through the forecast period primarily through a combination of continued technology refreshes by tier 1 retailers and new store openings. Furthermore, medium-sized store formats such as dollar stores and general stores are also shifting from single window scanners to bioptic due to greater sales volumes and growth in the midsize retail segment. Other environments such as healthcare, transportation/logistics and government present opportunities for greater market share expansion and revenue generation for vendors. VDC forecasts presentation scanners will lead the way in revenue generation and account for the biggest share of the market among the three form factors monitored, followed by bioptic scanners. Meanwhile, mini-slot/single window scanners are expected to decline over the forecast period as retail end users transition to more camera-based multi plane bioptic and presentation scanner solutions at the cost of mini-slot/single window solutions.

“Because the POS scanning market is highly mature, we continue to see participants constantly innovating to address end users’ stringent requirements” said Shahroze Husain, VDC Research Associate. “Enhancing security, transition to new GS1 barcodes, and scanning of complex barcodes such as 2D coupons, loyalty cards, and Digimarc barcodes will be major drivers for adoption of new POS solutions going forward.”

The competitive landscape of the stationary POS scanners market consists of a handful of players and is not as fragmented as other AIDC markets. However, competition remains stiff as market leaders Datalogic, Zebra, Honeywell and NCR have expanded their portfolios, carrying out product innovation and differentiation to capture greater market share from each other. The participation of smaller vendors in the market has also resulted in increased competition across all regions with players such as Zebex, Fujian Newland, Opticon and Code keeping market leaders vigilant through a combination of new products and price-competitive offerings.

Looking forward, emerging markets and the non-retail segment present untapped opportunities for vendors to engage as organizations across industries look to enhance checkout processes at the POS and migrate from paper-based processes to automated solutions. For vendors, it will be imperative to tailor distribution and go-to market strategies in order to better engage high growth markets such as Asia to further expand market share and be competitive, as a one-size-fits all model will not provide significant returns.

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