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DevOps & Multi-Engineering Domain Integration Reshaping Dev Org Productivity, According to VDC Research

Key implementation benefits include improved change management and reduced time to market

NATICK, MA | December 7, 2016 - Software and systems engineering teams are increasingly adopting new development strategies – multi-engineering domain integration and DevOps, according to a new report by VDC Research (click here

for more information). Both of these approaches aim to improve the speed and accuracy of the products or systems delivered to stakeholders by increasing collaboration across organizational groups.

“Agile is a catalyst for change,” said Andre Girard, Senior Analyst of IoT and Embedded Technology at VDC. “Critical strategic and structural changes, such as the creation of improved communication channels which facilitates collaboration during software development, often accompany the establishment of Agile practices.” The report explains that while the collaborative and iterative focus of Agile helps software developers generate code more rapidly, it also reduces late-stage bug fixing and rework commitments. “The shift to Agile highlights the value of more integrated processes and provides organizations with a framework for extending that collaboration over more of the systems lifecycle.”   

Fueled by customer expectations for advances in innovation, embedded OEMs are facing tighter time-to-market windows than in the past. Multi-engineering domain integration allows users to increase the level of communication, planning, and data sharing between software/system design, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering development teams. The report states that multi-engineering domain integration is growing more common as companies try to expand the improved output and accuracy realized by their Agile software teams across the full engineering organization.

Biggest Advantages/Benefits of Cross-Engineering Domain Integrations by Company Size

DevOps & Multi-Engineering Domain Integration Extending the Collaboration of Agile

DevOps extends the collaboration further across the product or system lifecycle to include development, operations, and Quality Assurance (QA) teams in a more holistic approach. The focus is to get software or a system fully integrated, operational, and delivered. According to VDC, DevOps is particularly effective in avoiding organizational bottlenecks and improving the speed, quality, and predictability of software development output. It enables organizations to accelerate software builds, reduce code integration challenges, and increase the cadence of releases. 

Overcoming the software and systems challenges of today requires engineering organizations to make broad strategic changes, according to VDC. “Collaboration and schedule improvements are correlated,” said Girard. “To further improve on-time schedule performance, software and systems development teams should now apply expertise gained from Agile projects to support new frameworks, such as multi-engineering domain integration and DevOps.”


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