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Shipment of Processor Chips with Integrated Security Hardware for IoT Devices to Exceed One Billion Units Annually by 2020, According to VDC Research

OEM Device Makers Getting Serious About Security

Mounting IoT Cyber Threats Boost Hardware Security Adoption, According to VDC ResearchNATICK, MA | November 16, 2016 - With rampant security threats to IoT devices, the use of processor chips with integrated security hardware is on the rise in IoT devices, according to a recent market study by VDC Research entitled, Hardware Security Solutions for IoT Devices: Strengthening IoT Security Through Silicon. The growing presence of integrated security hardware in microcontrollers in particular will enable the technology to trickle down to IoT devices with relatively low resources.

VDC’s report also shows that the market is on the upswing for the use of Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) and other types of discrete cryptographic co-processors within IoT devices. In addition, Hardware Security Module (HSM) appliances are increasingly being used in IoT device manufacturing to generate and provision cryptographic keys.

“Designing secure IoT devices is challenging, given the range of possible attacks and the ever-evolving sophistication of hackers,” said Steve Hoffenberg, Director of IoT & Embedded Technology at VDC. “Hardware-based approaches to embedded security offer advantages over software-only solutions, such as: a root-of-trust for secure booting; protected generation and storage of cryptographic keys and device identity; and stronger methods for preventing unauthorized access to device data and resources.”

“The use of hardware-based security for IoT devices is growing across all vertical markets,” continued Hoffenberg, “but the automotive market is particularly significant, due to the potential life-threatening consequences of hacks, the large number of vehicles sold, and the increasing prevalence of connectivity, automation, and infotainment features, which represent possible attack vectors.”

VDC’s report includes unit shipment and revenue forecasts for these technologies in IoT devices. For more info, click here.

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