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Enterprise Requirements Driving Organizations to Adopt New IoT Technology, According to VDC Research
VDC Publishes Comprehensive Survey Results of More Than 700 IoT and Embedded Engineers

NATICK, MA | March 6, 2018 - IoT implementation is growing at a rapid pace, with engineers reporting close to a 10% jump in 2017 according to a new report by VDC Research entitled Voice of the IoT Engineer 2017: Survey Dataset and Analysis (click here for more information). The report features results from VDC’s annual survey of more than 700 IoT and embedded engineers, and includes more than 210 survey exhibits with associated segmentations. It addresses major themes such as device development, technology adoption trends, vendor ratings, and strategies for addressing the IoT.

Enterprise Requirements Driving Organizations to Adopt New IoT Technology

Customer and enterprise requirements continue to be the main factor driving organizations to adopt and deploy IoT technology, ahead of competitive pressure and cutting time to market. “From a strategic standpoint, engineers, technical managers, and business managers are converging on a few key perceived IoT challenges such as defining and hiring top IoT talent,” said Roy Murdock, IoT and Embedded Technology Analyst at VDC. "At the team engineering level, extending legacy technology and enabling greater security are the leading technical issues hindering IoT adoption."

Over 60% of total respondents reported using some form of ARM-based processor in their most recent project. “Some of the other biggest winners have been free open source OSs, Python, and security-focused tools for hardware, software, programming language, and toolset use,” explained Murdock.

While usage of basic toolchain components such as compilers, debuggers, editors, and IDEs remains strong, engineers expect to move away from these over the next few years towards more advanced tools. The report shows that the market for advanced tools is less mature and more vibrant than that for traditional, more widely used tools, with interest spiking in dynamic software testing tools and IoT application development and deployment platforms through 2020. Tools required for formal, secure, and certified projects such as static analysis, unit testing, and requirements management are expected to see more moderate uptake.    

Engineers are expecting a widespread increase in the amount of software they are required to use on future projects. According to VDC, embedded security hardware, cloud agents, and embedded security software will see the highest jumps in software stack adoption. “Security remains top of mind for IoT engineers. Security software will only continue to grow in importance as increasing IoT connectivity exposes more systems to potential threat vectors,” said Murdock.  

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