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Investment in LoB Mobile Devices for Health Care Ecosystem Reaches All-Time High, According to VDC Research

With patient satisfaction and engagement rates as main drivers, growth for both rugged and consumer grade devices used for line of business applications in the health care vertical is projected continue through 2020.

Investment in LoB Mobile Devices for Health Care Ecosystem Reaches All-Time HighNATICK, MA | October 14, 2016
- The health care ecosystem has reached a critical juncture where organizations are beginning to heavily invest in the next generation of mobility solutions. In 2015, the health care vertical invested nearly $7.2B between hardware, software, and connected services, according to a new report by VDC Research (click here to learn more). Delivering a more engaging and safer patient experience in addition to addressing the many workflow inefficiencies inherent with health care service operations lead mobile solution investment initiatives. We are beginning to see healthcare organizations embrace modern mobile computing and communications solutions, addressing the need for converged solutions that provide both secure communications and messaging solutions with advanced applications to key constituents such as nurses. Seamless connection between care givers and patients is a similar priority receiving increased budget focus and development commitments.


“ We are seeing a growing number of health care organizations developing a wide range of interactive applications for their patients” says Cameron Roche, Analyst in the Enterprise Mobility and Connected Device practice. “More than 70% of health care services providers indicate that their current or planned applications will allow patients to make appointments, access lab results, contact their health care provider, monitor for medication compliance, and reference important educational information about diseases and medications”. For example, Massachusetts General Hospital, in partnership with Apple’s ResearchKit, has pioneered the application GlucoSuccess. GlucoSuccess uses self-reports of food and medication intake coupled with the iPhone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to help patients with diabetes monitor medication, dietary, and activity compliance. Another pertinent example of a patient focused application is TigerText’s HealthBot. HealthBot is an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant messaging application, which creates structured conversations utilizing a natural language processing system. Through a chat window, patients can interact with HealthBot to schedule appointments, research medical information, or receive medication reminders.

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