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Consolidation Increases Pressure on Cloud Security Market, According to VDC Research
Next generation of features are key to combating new mobile security threats

NATICK, MA | July 11, 2017 - The cloud access security brokers (CASB) market has endured a series of dramatic changes that have increased competition beyond the norm for a young market, according to a new report from VDC Research (click here for more info). CASBs help tackle network blind spots by giving customers control over their own encryption keys, providing insight into “Shadow IT” and allowing customers to monitor cloud usage. Over the past three years, ten notable CASB vendors have been acquired, with venture capital funding steadily flowing into these vendors’ coffers. The race to secure the cloud is on, and these strategic acquisitions have led to six prominent and global companies (Cisco, Forcepoint, Microsoft, Oracle, Palo Alto Networks, and Symantec) emerging as key cloud security players. Below is VDC’s analysis of how CASB vendors fit into the broader cloud security platforms of acquisitive vendors:


Features within the CASB market have matured well beyond their shadow IT roots; core capabilities that once characterized the market have commoditized to the point where some vendors now offer them for free. Now, CASBs are expected to offer the next generation of features, including integration with security vendors in adjacent markets, data loss prevention (DLP), enhanced visibility, user behavior analysis (UBA), and searchable encryption.

In an important sign of market maturity, customers have begun to place a significant emphasis on subtleties such as the difference between API and proxy deployments. These once-arbitrary deployment options have since evolved in different directions to the point where deployment is now a substantial differentiator. This development demonstrates both the maturation of the market’s offerings and the growing sophistication of customers, who are demanding advanced cloud security capabilities.

“The CASB market’s frenetic activity is most keenly felt in North America, where industry regulation and the embrace of cloud services has helped to spur adoption. Health care and financial services firms were some of the earliest adopters of CASB solutions due to industry regulations and a strong desire to securely leverage the cloud,” said Spencer Gisser, a mobility analyst at VDC Research. “Europe, with its strict data residency laws and the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has displayed a lukewarm response to CASB services, largely because trust in cloud services is not yet a given among the European business community. The APAC region, however, has many of the right ingredients for strong CASB growth: justified intellectual property concerns, the presence of industries (such as manufacturing and pharmaceuticals) with sensitive intellectual property, and accelerating cloud adoption.”

VDC identified 13 key participants in the CASB market who are profiled in their latest report: Avanan, Bitglass, CipherCloud, Cisco, Forcepoint, Microsoft, Netskope, Oracle, Palo Alto Networks, Proofpoint, Skyhigh Networks, Symantec/Blue Coat Systems, and Vaultive. VDC’s analysis contains a comprehensive market segmentation and competitive assessment of the CASB market, as well as a profile and competitive assessment for each of these vendors.

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