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Global Market for Managed Mobility Services to Reach over $1.35B through 2022, According to VDC Research
Expanding mobile usage spurs IT modernization initiatives

NATICK, MA | June 22, 2018 - Organizations are facing major challenges when determining how to best integrate new technologies with their existing IT infrastructures and investments and whether it is cost effective to outsource their mobility and telecom management needs to a third party. VDC’s latest report “When is the Right Time to Outsource Mobility?” takes a closer look at the market for managed mobility services (MMS) identifies key trends within this market. VDC predicts that this market will continue to grow and reach over $1.35 billion through 2022.

Global Market for Managed Mobility Services to Reach over $1.35B through 2022

According to VDC, managed mobility services are seeing continued adoption and maturation across industries. “Approximately 40 million mobile devices are actively being managed by an EMM/UEM solution in enterprise environments,” said Eric Klein, Director of Enterprise Mobility and Connected Devices at VDC Research. “This has led to expanded managed mobility and telecom services across the IT landscape and throughout the channel.” VDC sees expanding mobile usage as spurring IT modernization initiatives due to the high costs of maintaining legacy applications and their associated infrastructure elements.

Digital and mobile initiatives will continue to have a profound impact on the enterprise, with the most visible area being the need to invest in solutions to manage and support mobile deployments. “Considering that today’s mobile workforce exceeds one billion workers, the need for mobile solutions that enable real-time decision making and access to critical enterprise applications and databases is as acute as ever,” said Klein. The report explains that service providers are focused on improving their responsiveness and getting effective devices, apps, and content into end-users’ hands so that they can stay productive.

Looking to the future, automation and innovation will bring significant changes to this market. By 2021, VDC expects 10 million jobs to be lost globally due to companies phasing out generic activities, such as data entry, reconciliation, and compliance. “Organizations need to prepare for this fundamental transformation of knowledge in order to remain competitive,” said Klein. “While automation will drive significant change, organizations will be best served by preparing for change and should assess the fundamentally changing requirements for talent.”

The full report integrates selected findings from VDC’s recent survey of mobile decision-makers in both midmarket and enterprise organizations. It contains a comprehensive market forecast and a competitive assessment of the strategies, products, and capabilities of leading players that participate in delivery advanced mobility and telecom management services.


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