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Citizen Development Portends Big Changes for the Future of Organizations, According to VDC Research
Speed and agility in application development are key to staying ahead, but can enterprises keep up?

NATICK, MA | May 15, 2017 - Businesses continue to be drawn to mobile applications as they look for inventive ways to minimize costs while also improving communication and collaboration across their organizations, according to a new report by VDC Research (click here to learn more). The appetite for mobile applications is fueling high growth for mobile application development platforms and tool vendors, due to the expansion of mobile applications across business units. Still, the effort for IT organizations to move as quickly as the mobile world is an ongoing struggle.

Citizen Development Portends Big Changes for the Future of Organizations
VDC’s study explains that while enabling a workforce for mobility can produce immediate productivity gains, streamlining workflows using mobile applications remains a complex task given the lack of in-house mobile development talent present even in larger, more progressive enterprises. Another challenge is determining the appropriate solutions to implement due to the wide variety and vast number of options available. “Many complexities persist long after the initial development and launch of an application and, if not mitigated, risk substantially reducing ROI,” said Eric Klein, Director of Enterprise Mobility and Connected Devices at VDC.

According to VDC, developers will have to work with several vendors as building out and maintaining an enterprise mobility strategy requires that all bases are covered: planning, user experience, development, deployment, provisioning, and management of apps. “Vendors that can holistically deliver these capabilities and those who are willing to work with their customers will emerge as winners,” Klein said.

Increasing adoption of the IoT is playing a growing role in mobile development because end users want and need access to business-critical applications to work at any time or any location, on any device, with data accessible from the company network, the Web, or the cloud. The study explains that younger generations of customers see mobile as their channel of choice for any type of service including shopping and payments. These trends have businesses consuming increasing volumes of data from mobile devices, social media platforms, and RFID tags, as well as other sensor-related data from IoT connected devices. “Organizations must continue to invest in updating and modernizing their mobile, social, CRM, payment, inventory, and fulfillment systems. Possessing the right tools to streamline application development will be critical to future success,” said Klein.

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