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Cybersecurity Threats Top-of-Mind for Mobile Solutions Buyers, According to New Research by VDC
VDC Publishes Results of Comprehensive Survey of Over 450 Mobile Solution End Users

NATICK, MA | August 10, 2018 - Mobile technology adoption rates and budgets are growing steadily across industries; however, threats of data breaches and concerns over cybersecurity remain top-of-mind for mobile solution end users, according to a new report by VDC Research (click here for more information). These potential threats can prevent organizations from adopting otherwise beneficial mobile solutions.

Cybersecurity Threats Top-of-Mind for Mobile Solutions Buyers

“Transportation organizations are by far the most likely to have been the victim of a data breach or cyberattack, up by over 136% since last year,” said Pat Nolan, Research Analyst of Enterprise Mobility at VDC Research. “Across all industries, security issues are a worsening problem. However, there is no clear all-encompassing solution. New and emerging threats are making it difficult for organizations across industries to implement cybersecurity measures,” explained Nolan. Field service organizations cited remote access and mobile devices as chief vulnerabilities, whereas those in manufacturing and those in healthcare cited connected devices and networks as key areas susceptible to mobile breaches or cyberattacks.

In terms of mobility adoption, VDC’s research shows that the healthcare industry shows promising growth. The number of respondents who rate the maturity level of their organization’s mobile technology capabilities as “pioneering” is up by over 113% from last year. In contrast, manufacturing organizations are typically slow adopters of mobile technology, despite the potential benefits of improved asset visibility, workforce efficiencies, and worker safety. Less than 50% of respondents said they have a formal mobile technology policy in place, which is the lowest across the industries surveyed. Still, manufacturing is leading all other industries in the adoption of wearable devices.

The full dataset features findings from VDC’s annual survey of over 450 mobile solution end users and explores investment priorities, current and planned feature support, technology trends, barriers to innovation, and much more. It contains data across healthcare, field service, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and direct store delivery (DSD) operations.


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