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The Global Market for Smart Scanning Accessories Will Reach over $144M by 2022, According to VDC Research
Facilitating worker mobility remains paramount to smart scanning adopters

NATICK, MA | February 11, 2019 - The market for smart accessories will reach over $144M by 2022 as the demand to increase productivity and worker mobility while decreasing technology expenditure drives scanning investments in manufacturing, warehousing, and retail environments. According to a new report from VDC Research, the integration of smart scanning solutions will help organizations optimize efficiency by streamlining tasks such as barcode scanning and mobile-point-of-sale (click here for more information).

Forecasted Global Shipments of Smart Scanning Accessories
(Millions of Dollars)
The Global Market for Smart Scanning Accessories Will Reach over $144M by 2022

“Growing e-commerce and omnichannel initiatives are fueling smart scanning investments to support specialized use cases and applications,” said Michael Clarke, Research Associate at VDC. The report explains that lighter, more ergonomic smart accessories like companion scanners, sled and sleeve solutions, and ring scanners offer greater mobility for enterprises over traditional pistol grip and purpose-built solutions. “These solutions facilitate productivity for applications such as order fulfillment and inventory management,” said Clarke.

VDC’s research shows that retail and transportation & logistics accounted for nearly 80% of smart mobile accessory revenue in 2018 and are expected to be the largest sectors driving growth through the forecast period. In the age of e-commerce, customer expectations for shorter delivery times are driving transportation and logistics organizations to adopt scanning solutions geared towards streamlining order fulfilment such as picking and sorting. While home delivery order fulfillment has challenged in-store traffic, retailers are implementing omnichannel and frictionless initiatives such as click and collect to improve customers’ experiences.

To differentiate their products from competitors, smart accessories vendors are focusing on creating all-in-one solutions, according to VDC. “Features such as NFC pairing and device management platforms are particularly useful for small to medium businesses, providing end users with functionality beyond purpose-built scanning solutions and allowing them to minimize their overall technology spend,” said Clarke. In addition, wireless connectivity and matrix scanning features are improving business operations for applications such as price checking and shelf-management. As smart scanning accessories gain adoption, vendors can strengthen their value propositions by continuing to develop new capabilities that can expand the applications of these devices.

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