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Competition for Scarce Labor Drives BYOD Resurgence in Delivery Organizations

by James Asselmeyer | 12/28/2021

Current labor shortages are forcing organizations to compete for labor like never before. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States labor participation rate was 61.8% in November. While this is the highest rate seen since March 2020, it is still far below levels observed leading up to March 2020 which hovered consistently around 63%. This labor shortage is not unique to the United States, nor is it expected to abate anytime soon. These constraints are affecting transportation and logistics organizations in particular, especially given that while workers were leaving the labor force in droves, delivery fleets were forced to expand to accommodate the tremendous increase in e-Commerce volume demand. Learn more

The Stage is Set for Electric Vehicle Adoption

by Connor Burt | 12/13/2021

Electric vehicles (EV) and adjacent technologies have been gaining interest as the climate crisis worsens and alternatives to fossil fuels are explored. Increasing government support for the shift towards EVs adds to the confidence that automakers already have making the push towards all-electric or majority-electric product portfolios. Tesla is the dominant EV manufacturer at the moment, accounting for just over 21% of the fully electric vehicle market segment. Other companies such as Volkswagen, Hyundai, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, and Ford are also making strides to carve a space of the EV market out for themselves. Learn more

Claroty (Re-)Raises Stakes in Hypercompetitive OT/IIoT Cybersecurity Market with Acquisition, New Round of Funding

by Jared Weiner | 12/13/2021

Claroty made a pair of significant announcements on Wednesday, sharing news of a new $400 million round of Series E funding, while also disclosing an agreement to acquire Medigate, an IoT security company serving the healthcare industry. This round of funding―which brought Claroty’s total to $635 million―was led by Bessemer Venture Partners, Schneider Electric, and SoftBank, among others; financial terms of the Medigate acquisition were not disclosed. Learn more

Synergies Abound in Digi’s Acquisition of Ventus

by Steve Hoffenberg | 11/03/2021

On November 2, 2021, Digi International announced that it had acquired Ventus Holdings, a managed network-as-a-service provider, in a cash deal for $347M. The price tag, by far Digi’s largest acquisition ever, raised some VDC analyst eyebrows, as it exceeded Digi’s total annual revenue of $279M for FY2020. Only time will tell if the purchase price was a good value for Digi, but VDC sees a range of synergies between the companies that will undoubtedly be of benefit to Digi. Learn more

Federated Wireless Expands Enterprise Private Network Use with the Company’s New Spectrum Exchange Service

by Rowan Litter | 10/27/2021

Federated Wireless, the premier provider of CBRS spectrum sharing services, has announced the release of the company’s new Spectrum Exchange service. This service is aimed to supplement CBRS General Authorized Access (GAA) availability by enabling Priority Access License (PAL) holders to lease out their unused spectrum to non-PAL holders. Through an automated portal, similar to Airbnb, enterprises with PALs can publish pricing, terms, and location options, as well as conduct transactions with non-PAL holding potential lessees, all without direct engagement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Learn more

As BOPIS Reaches its Status as a Competitive Retail Staple, Effective BORIS is the Next Step

by Pat Nolan | 09/27/2021

e-Commerce delivery and curbside checkout are supported by 89.7% and 79.3% of large retailers respectively, but curbside checkout in particular has had the most significant jump in adoption by businesses over the last year or so as a direct response to the disruption caused by COVID‑19. Learn more

Long-Range Wireless is Driving More IoT Connections

by Jonah Larson | 09/17/2021

The growth in IoT device connections will rapidly accelerate over the next five years and will push OEMs and solution providers into unfamiliar wireless domains. While established wireless communications such as 3G and Wi-Fi support many IoT workloads today, others such as LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G are gaining ground and will be critical technologies through the next five years.Learn more

Understanding the Growing Importance of Barcode Labeling Accuracy

by Richa Gupta | 09/16/2021

On Thursday, September 23rd, VDC’s Richa Gupta will co-present a webinar with Loftware’s VP of Global Product Management, Josh Roffman, where they will discuss the importance of barcode labeling accuracy and consistency to manage growing supply chain complexities and enable error-free traceability. Learn more

Workflow Inefficiencies in the Post-Pandemic Warehouse

by Richa Gupta | 09/16/2021

VDC Research recently published a comprehensive report as part of a custom thought leadership engagement for Newcastle Systems, a leading mobile powered workstation vendor. Learn more

The Tablet vs. Purpose-Built Battle

by Connor Burt and David Krebs | 09/03/2021

Within the mounted forklift computer market, traditional purpose-built computers are facing significant pressure from the emergence of rugged tablets that can function as mounted computers. Learn more

Brady Corporation Acquires The Code Corporation in Latest Step Towards Building Complete Track and Trace Solution

On June 17th, 2021 Brady Corporation, a global leader in safety, identification, and compliance solutions announced that it has acquired The Code Corporation for $173 Million. Learn more

Embedded & Edge AI Reinvigorates Hardware Market

by Dan Mandell | 06/08/2021

AI has proliferated throughout many different environments, including the embedded space, which features unique deployment considerations and market opportunities. Learn more

Samsung to Provide 740,000 Smart Phones to Walmart Associates

by Alexander Oubre, and David Krebs | 06/04/2021

On June 3rd, Walmart announced that they will provide 740,000 Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro rugged smartphones to retail associates in conjunction with the launch of Walmart’s new Me@Walmart app. Representing Samsung’s largest enterprise deal in the US so far, this new partnership will provide nearly half of Walmart’s domestic store population with a smartphone device by the end of 2021. Learn more

Google’s I/O Event Unveils Exciting New Updates

by Chris Paggioli | 05/26/2021

Google recently held its I/O event to unveil updates, partnerships, and new features for several different products. Across these announcements there are a few that standout as having practical applications within enterprise environments either at present or in the future. Learn more

Zebra’s Five-Pronged Entry into Machine Vision and Industrial Barcode Scanning Opens Additional $1.4B in TAM

by Andy Adelson | 05/20/2021

On May 18th, Zebra Technologies made significant news in Machine Vision and Industrial Barcode Scanning with a five‑part announcement. Learn more

Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack Highlights Unpreparedness of Critical Infrastructure Operators

by Jared Weiner | 05/14/2021

Colonial Pipeline, which operates the largest fuel pipeline in the country, shut down its operations on Friday following a ransomware attack. The attack ― which the FBI has attributed to a Russian criminal group known as DarkSide. Learn more

Brady Corporation Expands RFID Market Presence with Acquisition of Nordic ID

by Rowan Litter | 04/16/2021

On April 15th, Brady Corporation announced the company has come to an agreement to acquire Nordic ID for $9.7 million. The acquisition will add Nordic ID’s expertise in RFID reader/scanning technology and customizable cloud solutions to Brady Corporation’s portfolio of advanced labels, safety devices, industrial printer systems and software solutions. Learn more

120k Unit HoloLens Contract with the U.S. Army Will Put Microsoft, Smart Glasses to the Test

by Chris Paggioli | 04/06/2021

Microsoft has won a substantial contract to provide its augmented reality (AR) headsets, the HoloLens, to the U.S. Army. This contract awards Microsoft $21.9B over the course of ten years to provide the U.S. Army with more than 120,000 HoloLens units. Learn more

Starlink: The New Space Race is Satellite Networks

by Rowan Litter | 04/01/2021

Each day, the world becomes more and more connected. People and businesses increasingly rely on technology to communicate and share information. However, there are still parts of the world with underserved or unserved access to the Internet; according to Datareportal.com, only 59.5% of the global population has network access as of January 2021. Learn more

AMETEK Bolsters Presence in Process Instrumentation Market with Acquisition of Magnetrol

by Jared Weiner | 03/30/2021

AMETEK announced on Monday that it had acquired Magnetrol International and two other companies―Crank Software and EGS Automation―for a total of approximately $270 million. Both Magnetrol and Crank will join AMETEK’s Electronic Instruments Group, while EGS will become part of the company’s Electromechanical Group. Learn more

A New Year, a New Administration, and New Enterprise Mobility Dynamics to Consider

by Pat Nolan, and Chris Paggioli | 03/26/2021

As 2021 gets underway and we look ahead to the next year, and even the next four years, there are new enterprise mobility market factors to expect in the wake of the new presidential administration in the United States. Learn more

Industrial Modernization Projects Drive Industrial Networking Market in Growing Economies

by Jared Weiner | 01/26/2021

Industry 4.0 makes it possible for industrial organizations to dramatically increase profitability by realizing unprecedented levels of production efficiency and flexibility, supply chain control, and worker safety. Learn more

IBM and GitLab Join Forces – Engineering Teams Should Pay Close Attention

by Rob Shapiro | 01/18/2021

In order to serve the growing number of organizations adopting DevOps practices in their software development pipelines, IBM and GitLab announced an expanded partnership to help automate the delivery of cloud-native applications. Learn more

The CES That Was and Wasn’t

by Steve Hoffenberg | 01/14/2021

Since the COVID‑19 pandemic hit worldwide in early 2020, nearly all trade shows and conferences have been cancelled, postponed, or converted to virtual events. Learn more

Loftware and NiceLabel Combine. Will They Be Better Together?

by Richa Gupta | 01/12/2021

Loftware and NiceLabel announced on January 12th the combination of their two organizations and, with it, have significantly altered the landscape for labeling solutions. Learn more

The Evolution of Networking at John Deere: A VDC Report Preview

by Rowan Litter | 01/08/2021

If you are ever driving through farmland, construction or forestry sites or even by a neighbor who enjoys keeping their lawn in tip-top shape, then you will recognize the iconic image of a yellow buck across a green background, the logo of Deere & Company, better known as John Deere. Learn more