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Brady Corporation Expands RFID Market Presence with Acquisition of Nordic ID

by Rowan Litter | 04/16/2021

On April 15th, Brady Corporation announced the company has come to an agreement to acquire Nordic ID for $9.7 million. The acquisition will add Nordic ID’s expertise in RFID reader/scanning technology and customizable cloud solutions to Brady Corporation’s portfolio of advanced labels, safety devices, industrial printer systems and software solutions. In addition, Brady is electing to keep Nordic ID’s headquarters operational in Salo, Finland to help Brady expand its market presence in retail, logistics and industrial settings.

Brady Corporation was founded in 1914 and is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today, the company has 70 locations in 33 countries and is a market leader in manufacturing high-performance industrial printers and materials. Brady’s solutions are aimed to increase safety, security, and productivity for customers in industries that include telecommunications, manufacturing, construction, medical, aerospace and electronics. In 2020, Brady’s fiscal sales were around $1.08 billion, which was a slight decrease compared to 2019 at $1.16 billion; however, given the impacts of COVID-19 on industrial suppliers, this decrease was relatively minor.

Nordic ID was founded in 1986 in Salo, Finland and has been a leader in RFID tracking technology across Europe. Nordic has developed custom cloud platforms that in combination with their RFID tracking devices enable customers to optimize asset tracking and inventory management in real-time. The customers served by Nordic ID are primarily in the retail, logistics, aviation and construction industries. In 2020, Nordic ID partnered with Neste, a global leader in developing renewable solutions, to open a fully-automated, 24-hour, non-staffed “Easy Deli” store using Nordic ID’s RFID technology that can scan all of a shopper’s items simultaneously.  

RFID-based asset tracking and data collection are becoming increasingly invaluable tools to enterprises in industrial settings. These capabilities give enterprises real-time visibility into asset inventories and movements, enabling analysis and optimization of operational processes. With the rapid rise of e-commerce, enterprises are under more pressure to control and track the flow of materials in and out of their facilities and throughout the entire manufacturing process. Therefore, the acquisition of Nordic ID by Brady Corporation will allow Brady to expand its footprint further into European industrial settings as well as into new markets.

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