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Workflow Inefficiencies in the Post-Pandemic Warehouse – A VDC Study

by Richa Gupta | 09/16/2021

VDC Research recently published a comprehensive report titled “Analyzing the Business Impact of Inefficient Motion in Warehousing”, as part of a custom thought leadership engagement for Newcastle Systems, a leading mobile powered workstation vendor.

Customers today expect the perfect order with the fastest possible delivery 100% of the time, placing tremendous pressure on product companies and their distribution/warehousing channels. The obligation to have the right barcode label on the right product with the right documentation, which is dispatched from the right warehouse at the right time and delivered to the right location without triggering returns and being complete is unprecedented. VDC surveyed 160 warehouse operators and technology investment decision makers on their key investment and operational priorities and leading workflow-related challenges as part of this research.

Warehouse operators are struggling to not only fulfill these expectations but also retain an ever-fluid workforce that is increasingly burdened with the requirement to do the job faster despite scaled back resources due to the pandemic, manage greater capacity, and consistently improve accuracy and speed of order fulfillment.

Key questions addressed in VDC's report include:

  • • How has COVID impacted e-commerce operations and accelerated the need for even greater speed, accuracy, and capacity?
  • • How are operational inefficiencies driving organizations’ warehousing investments to help “do the job faster”?
  • • Where do mobile workstations fit in? What are the benefits that warehouse operators derive from these investments?
  • • What are the primary warehousing workflows best aligned with mobile powered workstation investment and use?

VDC includes detailed customer case studies and channel partner insights in this report. Download here.