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Sales Acceleration

Arm your sales team with tools and insights that grow pipelines, increase close rates, reduce sales cycles, and drive revenues. We enable sales leaders to deeply understand and improve sales force performance through engagements that tap into the entire universe of stakeholders including customers, prospects and lost accounts. And we provide your sales team with customized tools they can use to move faster and build credibility to shorten the deal cycle and close more business.

Ways We Help Accelerate Sales Performance

  • Target Account Profiling - Rapidly create account experts and keep the team focused on closing business using our multi-layered account profiles that package-up everything your reps need to know about their accounts jump-start a high-performance sales process.
  • Win / Loss Analysis - Capture big gains in sales performance through a detailed understanding of what drives wins as well as the root-causes of losses, with a focus on actionable insights that get results.
  • Buyer Personas & The Buying Process - Create order and discipline in your sales process by organizing your activities around buyer personas, including a detailed
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Research & Calculators - Arm your sales team with real-time tools and content they can use to build compelling cost-saving

    Sales Acceleration Case Study

              Learn how we helped the
sales team of a global IT
vendor hit the ground running
in a notoriously complex market.

Read Our Case Study

Tap into a wealth of sales acceleration experience

  • Decades helping clients improve sales performance
  • Expertise across a wide range of sales processes, roles and team structures
  • Business savvy to engage with leaders across sales and marketing to improve collaboration
  • Research expertise to generate valuable, actionable sales tools and insights
  • Creative thinking to bring fresh ideas and approaches to your sales strategy

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