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Amid Automakers’ Supply Chain Slowdown, Will Embedded Software Vendors Share the Same Fate?

by Robert Shapiro | 04/24/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused delays in manufacturers’ supply chains across business segments, stopping several key consumer facing industries in their tracks. The automotive sector faces particular financial losses due to factories temporarily shutting down to mitigate the spread of infection, as well as slackened demand for new car purchases during the pandemic. Learn more

Infineon Boosts MCU Positioning, Pursues High-performance Edge with Cypress Acquisition

by Dan Mandell | 04/16/2020

The acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor by Infineon Technologies closed today and continues a prolonged period of embedded processor market consolidation. The takeover was not without a few bumps along the journey ending roughly 10 months after Germany’s Infineon announcing its intent to acquire Cypress for €9 billion. Learn more

How to Keep Your Devices Sanitized (Without Damaging Them)

by Pat Nolan | 04/14/2020

Step One: Wash Your Hands. Step Two: Read This. Some of the most valuable personal assets that we have are our mobile computing devices: our tablets, laptops, and the smartphones that we feel uneasy being away from for too long. The same applies to the business world. Learn more

RISC-V is Here to Stay

by Dan Mandell | 03/19/2020

The commercial market for RISC-V has established a firm foothold in embedded processing. The open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture has been a hot topic for the past couple of years and continued to be a couple of weeks ago in Embedded World as highlighted in our VDC View covering the event. Learn more

Covid-19 Pandemic Reveals Next-Generation Manufacturing Risks, Benefits

by Jared Weiner | 3/17/2020

The global economic turbulence and uncertainty incited by the coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses of all shapes and sizes. In the manufacturing sector, organizations have struggled to balance their business and operational needs with the health and safety of their workers, most of whom are unable to work remotely due to the inherently physical nature of their positions on the factory floor. Learn more

MWC Barcelona 2020 – The Biggest Event that Didn’t Happen

by Rowan Litter | 03/14/2020

The last week in February usually marks the biggest time of the year for mobile technology. Every year since 2006, leaders in the mobile industry convene at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, hosted by the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA), to announce product launches, hold special press conferences and hammer out deals behind the scenes. Learn more

Iowa Caucus 2020: How Digital Initiatives Can Go Horribly Wrong. Or…The Mission Critical Importance of User Design and SW Testing

by John-Luke D’Amico, with David Krebs | 02/11/2020

One week ago marked the day Shadow Inc. made a grievous error by launching their faulty smartphone application to track voting records at the Iowa Caucus. The application was part of a technological policy push to create greater efficiency, ease, and transparency within an important process for the Democratic Party to choose their lead candidate in the presidential election. Learn more

Fulfillment Center Tour Recap: Inside Amazon’s Fall River, MA Operation

by Pat Nolan | 1/24/2020

Amazon has been offering guided tours of some of its warehouse facilities and fulfillment centers for just under a year now – the anniversary of its first tour will be February 1st. The everything giant allows anyone older than the age of six to tour 25 of its 145 facilities throughout the US and 20 others internationally, as long as they book ahead of time. Learn more

CES2020: Automotive and Transportation Highlights

by Steve Hoffenberg | 01/17/2020

For the past several years, CES has been a premier showcase for automotive technology. In this gallery of photos, we highlight selected automotive and transportation infrastructure exhibits from the big show, as well as the GO-NV transportation summit and technology showcase event hosted by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, just prior to CES on the campus of University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Learn more

CES2020: Amazon Web Services Named Winner of VDC’s Embeddy Award for Automotive IoT Services

by Steve Hoffenberg | 01/14/2020

In the first week of the new year CES once again invaded Las Vegas, and among the vast range of products and services was a plethora of automotive and transportation-related technology. (See a forthcoming VDC View document for a broader overview of automotive and transportation tech at the show.) Learn more

A Green Future Demands Digital Twin Cities

by Robert Shapiro, with Steve Hoffenberg | 12/31/2019

Digital twin technology has the potential to revolutionize urban development in a future striving for greener technologies and more efficient energy use. Although the concept has been around since the early 2000s, the practical application of digital twin technology has just begun to sprout in the real world. A digital twin is a simulation of a real life product, service, or process. Learn more

Fact: 5G Will Save Lives

by Eric Klein | 12/06/2019

VDC recently had the opportunity to attend a 5G-oriented Verizon customer event; Nokia, (one of Verizon's 5G partners) also participated. 5G's role in augmenting public safety, transportation and smart cities were key themes, with both Verizon and Nokia... Learn more

Samsung DeX is Behind the Wheel for Next Gen Police Vehicle Computing

by Pat Nolan | 11/20/2019

Police officers in the field have a wide and critical range of mobile computing needs. Officers’ traditional mobile computing setup – a fixed, rugged in-vehicle laptop mounted on a swing arm – is not without its limitations as it relates to those needs. Learn more

Honeywell Commits to Robotics as Warehouses Need the Tech

by Pat Nolan | 11/06/2019

Honeywell, a longstanding giant of the warehousing technology market, has recently disclosed its plans to take the supply chain’s evolving demands head-on. On October 24th of this year the company unveiled Honeywell Robotics, a robotics innovation hub and center of excellence to be built in Pittsburgh. Learn more

MWC LA – 5G, Autonomous, Surveillance are Top of Mind

by Roy Murdock | 11/04/2019

VDC attended MWC Americas recently, the third instantiation of the regional MWC event that saw over 22,000 attendees converge in downtown Los Angeles for the three-day show. Keynotes Included LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, FCC Chariman Ajit Pai, and Director General of the GSMA Mats Granryd, among other key individuals within the telecom space. Learn more