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Athonet Acquisition by HPE Inc. Signals Continued Development of Private Wireless Market Ecosystem

by Rowan Litter | 6/7/2023

Just before the start of Mobile World Congress Barcelona in late February, HPE Inc. announced the planned acquisition of Athonet, a leading provider of private wireless mobile core solutions. This acquisition provides HPE with a complete portfolio of private wireless solutions for enterprise customers and communication service providers (CSPs). Learn more

Automation & its Discontents: Will US Ports & Workers Find Common Ground?

by Emily Gove | 6/6/2023

Between Friday and Monday, the largest ports in the US went quiet. The ports of LA and Long Beach found their operations halted as dockworkers staged “concerted and disruptive work actions” in response to contract negotiation breakdown. Members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), a dockworkers’ union representing workers on the West coast, staged individual work slowdowns and in some cases avoided working entirely on Friday and Monday, an action designed to sway negotiations that have been ongoing since July. The dockworkers, also called longshoremen or stevedores, are pushing for better pay and job security in negotiations with shipping lines. Learn more

The Private Networks Global Forum Recap

by Rowan Litter | 5/26/2023

On Tuesday, RCR Wireless News hosted the much-anticipated Private Networks Global Forum, in which industry voices came together online to discuss updates and nuances in the private wireless market for enterprise adoption. The Forum covered a range of market issues, including emerging solutions, spectrum allocation, ecosystem partnerships, challenges, key deployment drivers, and vertical-specific case studies, among other topics. Here are some of the highlights from Tuesday’s Forum. Learn more

LiveWorx 2023: A Cloud-Native Future

by Brendan Bradley | 5/19/2023

During his keynote speech at LiveWorx 2023, PTC (NASDAQ:PTC) CEO Jim Heppelmann emphasized the company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) strategy, laying a roadmap for a widespread cloudification of the company’s portfolio. Learn more

PTC LiveWorx: Unlocking Value Through Service Lifecycle Management

by Paige Ludl | 5/19/2023

This week, PTC hosted its LiveWorx event, a trade show and convention focusing on digital transformation and product lifecycle innovation, in person for the first time in four years. PTC covered a plethora of company-specific and industry-wide topics, including recent acquisitions, product updates, agile product development, the industrial metaverse, and service lifecycle management (SLM). SLM is a crucial aspect of product lifecycle management (PLM) and PTC’s lifecycle management platform strategy, as SLM helps OEMs and service providers maximize service revenue by utilizing a product’s engineering and manufacturing information for service planning and implementation. Learn more

As Recession Looms, Enterprise Leaders Face Difficult Decisions

by Emily Gove | 5/10/2023

Amid speculation that the US will default on its debt by as early as June 1st, leaders across industries are taking extra measures to protect operations. Congressional response could entail a further raise of the debt ceiling, prioritization of lenders and bond holders in a technical default, or prioritization of domestic spending in a classic default. Any of the three outcomes may result in a recession, which could trigger the following trends. Learn more

Key Factors Fueling PKI M&A

by Brendan Bradley | 5/8/2023

Public key infrastructure (PKI) has long played a critical role in the security of the Internet. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the exponential growth of systems and devices connecting to the Internet and communicating with each other, a need for unique, comprehensive, and adaptable PKI solutions has been spurring a flurry of M&A activity within the PKI market over the past few years. Learn more

MediaTek Connects with New Markets

by Dan Mandell | 5/3/2023

Last week, MediaTek hosted its annual Analyst Day event in Austin, TX to discuss the company’s key growth areas and strategy for the future. While we can’t share everything we learned throughout a day of detailed presentations, roundtables, and 1:1 interviews with executives, MediaTek’s plans for diversifying its business across vertical markets and geographies has already been on full public display. Learn more

RSA 2023: AI & IIoT

by Steve Hoffenberg | 5/1/2023

At this year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco, artificial intelligence was the hot topic. On one hand, industry participants were concerned about the potential of AI, for example, to write better malware or craft more effective phishing emails. On the other hand, vendors were positioning themselves to leverage AI to improve cybersecurity defenses. AI has become an impetus in an escalating cyber arms race between attackers and defenders. Learn more

Distribution & Fulfillment Centers Overcome Challenges with Voice Solutions

by Emily McIntosh | 4/28/2023

Between supply chain instability and a tight labor market, the distribution centers of today are faced with many obstacles. Luckily, the picking and sorting process can be streamlined through advanced voice solutions - wearable devices that talk employees through workflows. Time spent interacting with a screen or paper adds up and opens the door to error, but with hands available and eyes free from distraction, employees can accomplish more for their efforts. Learn more