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VDC’s Richa Gupta to Present at GS1 Connect® 2017 in Las Vegas

by Richa Gupta | 05/22/2017

Retail store closings have dominated headlines these past few weeks with several major brick-and-mortar chains announcing significant changes to their existing landscape. Retailers today have a heightened focus on creating a meaningful, engaging, and consistent shopping experience for their customers across all channels of operation. In keeping with this theme, VDC’s Richa Gupta, Director of the AutoID & Data Capture (AIDC) Practice, will be presenting on the topic “How Retailers are Using Inventory Accuracy to Streamline Operations” as part of the Apparel and General Merchandise Track at the GS1 Connect® 2017 conference on June 20, along with Kevin O’Dare, Lead Business Partner at Target Corporation.

During this session, Richa will highlight the following themes and trends that VDC anticipates to be the most important for this market in 2017:

  • Shifting narrative from online vs. offline to the best of both
  • Importance of in-store inventory visibility
  • Reengineering the retail storefront – digitizing the physical store
  • Embracing “connected stores” as the new retail paradigm

The GS1 Connect® conference takes place in Las Vegas from June 20-22. Register here to attend cross-industry conference sessions and interact with supply chain participants. If you plan to attend and would like to connect with Richa there, contact her at