Self-scanning 2.0? Datalogic introduces new generation of its popular Joya self-scanning solution

by Shahroze Husain | 07/28/2016

Datalogic, the European leader of the automatic data capture market, recently introduced a new generation of its popular Joya handheld self-scanning device for retail – Joya Touch. The multi-purpose solution can be deployed for consumer self-scanning applications as well as supporting in-store employee applications including queue busting, shelf replenishment, inventory management, and price checks. The company is one of two hardware vendors (the other being Zebra Technologies) of self-scanning devices and is a leader in the barcode scanner/imager and mobile computer markets.

JoyaThe new Joya Touch device is very different from its predecessors - the Joya X1 and Joya X2. It is now available in both handheld and pistol grip form factors, supports Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity, has wireless charging capabilities, houses a 4.3 inch full touch screen interface, and leverages Datalogic’s own 2D imaging scan engine for 1D and 2D barcode scanning and image capture. The devices will operate on Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7, offering legacy compatibility with retailers’ existing POS and Joya investments. Datalogic plans to launch an Android version of this device early next year to address growing demand.

Along with its new wireless charging capabilities, Datalogic has also introduced a boost recharge feature, enabling devices to operate for as long as 80 minutes with only 15 minutes of charging. With battery life and charge cycles a concern for self-scanning solution deployments, especially during customers’ shopping trips, VDC believes the introduction of wireless charging and the boost recharge feature will make it an attractive solution to retailers.

The Joya Touch solution can be deployed using Datalogic’s latest Shopevolution 7 self-scanning app or third-party self-scanning apps from Independent Software Vendors. The new Shopevolution software from Datalogic supports new features including in-store locationing via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth beacon technology, information look up, promotions and remote device management for retailers to manage and monitor devices across multiple stores.The Shopevolution 7 software can be deployed to on-site servers or on the cloud. The latter option has the potential to provide cost savings by reducing in-store hardware investments (eg. server) and shortening solution deployment times.

VDC believes this new generation of Datalogic’s Joya device is in line with retailer demand for mobile devices with faster processing speeds, modern user interfaces, and enhanced application support. In addition, with Android adoption expected to rise and support for legacy Windows CE platforms stopping soon, Datalogic’s support of the Android platform with future iterations of this device will ensure its competitiveness in this growing market.

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