Zebra's New MotionWorks Sports Solution Aims to Change the RTLS Game

by Michael Liard | 08/01/2013

Earlier this week Zebra Technologies announced the release of MotionWorks Sports Solution, a RTLS solution specifically designed for sports. Using ultra wide band (UWB) RTLS receivers placed around stadiums, active RFID tags are placed in players’ jerseys in order to keep accurate track of player movement within inches. This solution is able to provide objective data, such as speed, location and movement direction and process the data for tangible uses. MotionWorks promises to lead to not only a new age of advanced sports analytics, but also enhancements to broadcasts, player safety and a broad array of coaching benefits. It is also fun to think about how fantasy sports leagues (i.e., football) could forever be changed if this solution were to be widely deployed within a professional sport. Zebra has already had successfully implemented this solution with soccer and football teams, and strongly believes it can help teams, players and business partners in all sports. Game on!

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