Preview of VDC's Barcode Label Generation Software Report

by Richa Gupta | 12/18/2013

Barcode labeling is mission-critical to everyday operations for many enterprises. Organizations continue to invest in and adopt barcode technologies to accomplish a multitude of business objectives, including improving operations, ensuring compliance with industry standards, gaining visibility into processes, and associating more information with assets, products, and personnel. The demand for barcode label generation software has grown with the expanding adoption of barcode technology systems as a whole. When it comes to software, having fewer moving parts translates to better reliability. Flexibility, configurability and solution customizability are critical criteria influencing enterprise end users’ label software purchasing decision. Seamless integration with disparate data capture hardware solutions and enterprise software systems (including ERP and WMS) will be critical for application success. With traceability becoming a necessity and finding use in product recalls and market withdrawals, inventory accuracy, and safety and quality assurance checks, enterprises are increasingly turning to their solution partners for support. Each enterprise also has its own specific business processes and requirements that its barcode software investments must accommodate. The ability to configure off-the-shelf software in-house or via third-party partners, with minimum hassle, is an increasingly desirable characteristic.

Through innovative product features and complementary service offerings, vendors stand to distinguish their brand from competitors. From their solution partners, organizations seek configuration flexibility, vertical market/domain expertise, training and consulting services, and premier support. VDC believes that solution providers need to align their portfolio and service delivery models with what is now, new and next in the software industry – including cloud-based offerings, licensing options, mobile device applications, and hosting services.

In this research report, VDC discusses the fragmented vendor landscape for barcode label generation software solutions along with end user requirements and expectations of their solution partners. To learn more about the contents, click here.

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