Loftware Broadens its Range of Offerings with Spectrum – A Game-Changer?

by Richa Gupta | 10/10/2013

Loftware, a dominant player in the label generation software market, recently announced the release of its highly anticipated product targeted at tier-1 enterprises, Spectrum. Branded as the only 100% browser-based enterprise labeling solution, Spectrum is Loftware’s premier end-to-end solution designed to address the most complex enterprise labeling requirements. The company aims to assert itself as the industry leader with this new offering, an innovative and comprehensive solution to empower users across an enterprise’s supply chain.

Loftware’s product development efforts, market positioning and go-to-market strategies distinguish the company from its peers in the barcode label generation software market. VDC believes Loftware has brought Spectrum to the market at a critical juncture when enterprises are giving increased consideration to process automation, provisioning and globally distributed work environments. In addition, Loftware’s strategic partnerships with leading business process application vendors, including SAP and Oracle, will provide Spectrum with the flexibility required to meet the distinctive labeling needs of any enterprise.

The completely browser-based operational nature of this new solution serves as an indicator of a broader migration to cloud-based applications to ensure business continuity by improving performance and minimizing downtime. Taking aim at large-scale enterprises with complex global supply chains, Spectrum’s access and permissions features will enable increased collaboration.

Enterprises are more reliant on AIDC technologies than ever before to gain real-time operational visibility. The development and innovation of barcode label generation software is critical to the advancement of supply chain efficiency and precision.

To learn more about why labeling is a strategic imperative for large, global organizations and where the barcode solutions industry is heading, register for Loftware’s webinar, The Future of Enterprise Labeling, an Industry Analyst’s Perspective, on November 5th. Hear from VDC’s Michael Liard, Vice President, AutoID & Data Capture, on market dynamics and supply chain drivers as well as Loftware’s Josh Roffman, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, on how the company is working to address emerging supply chain and labeling challenges. The webinar will also include an introduction to Loftware Spectrum.

As part of its annual Barcode Solutions Market Intelligence Service, VDC will also be taking a closer look at the broader label generation software market – analyzing key strategic issues, drivers and vendor considerations for this space. Learn more about this study in our research outline here.

(A special thank you to Scott O’Leary for his significant contributions to this blog post. Scott is currently a Research Assistant in VDC’s AutoID & Data Capture practice.)

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