Honeywell Continues to Embrace the BYOD Trend with Upgrades to its RDM Solution

by Richa Gupta | 08/06/2013

When Honeywell introduced its remote device management (RDM) solution, Remote MasterMind (ReM), in early 2009, it was exclusively designed for Honeywell hardware (both rugged mobile devices as well as barcode scanners). In 2011, the company upgraded this solution to include any device with the Windows Mobile operating system. Over time, however, the wide range of devices available and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement has made RDM implementation particularly challenging because of device compatibility limitations. Enterprises considering and deploying consumer-grade devices have a need for platform-agnostic device management and maintenance solutions.

In July, Honeywell announced a significant upgrade to this integrated mobile and scanning device management solution. Remote MasterMind 4.0™ now allows management of Android™-based smartphones and tablets (including the Samsung Galaxy series) along with Honeywell’s purpose-built barcode scanners and mobile computers. The upgrade is specifically designed to benefit companies evaluating and even adopting BYOD programs – pushing software updates and providing remote diagnostics capabilities from one central location. Other value propositions of this software include strengthened password protection for enhanced data and server security, the ability to wipe data from lost or stolen devices and a single dashboard to manage a whole host of devices.

Beyond the value the MasterMind 4.0 solution provides to organizations, it exemplifies Honeywell’s eagerness to adapt to the evolving enterprise environment. ReM 4.0, along with the Captuvo sleds for Apple® products, has proven Honeywell’s desire to provide value and business even when their hardware is not used as part of organizations’ mobile device strategy. VDC believes this approach has and will provide a unique way for Honeywell to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

(A special thank you to Nicholas Reposa for his significant contributions to this posting. Mr. Reposa is currently a Researcher in VDC’s AutoID & Data Capture practice.)

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