DC Velocity Talks Item-Level RFID and Distribution Centers with VDC’s Mike Liard

by Michael Liard | 06/30/2013

More and more companies are turning to item-level RFID tagging to boost inventory accuracy throughout the supply chain. So, DC VELOCITY magazine asks: How will this affect distribution centers? To find out, Susan Lacefield, Associate Managing Editor of the publication, sought insights from industry experts.

To support an article published on May 14th, Susan conducted interviews with me and others such as Avery Dennison’s Mark Hill and Intermec’s Kurt Mensch and Bruce Stubbs to discuss the progression of RFID at the item-level and the technology’s impact on distribution centers. She produced an excellent piece for DC VELOCITY and her interest in the topic was evident when we spoke.

In fact, Susan wanted to provide DC VELOCITY’s readership and audience with a deeper analysis of the subject, so she asked me to participate in a webcast to discuss how DCs can take advantage of RFID. Susan moderated a webcast on June 27th, asking me a series of questions focused on item-level tagging and the current and future role of RFID in distribution center operations.  We had approximately 50 people attend the 45-minute webcast, with many attendees submitting questions that I was able to address at the end.

I would like to personally thank Susan Lacefield and DC VELOCITYfor asking me to participate in the article and webcast. I believe that as RFID adoption at the item level increases within the retail sector, it is critical to provide more education and awareness of the technology’s influence on supply chain and distribution center operations. Based on her great article and our webcast, I think Susan agrees.   

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