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Remembering Bert Moore, AutoID Industry Veteran

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Bert Moore, a 25+ year veteran of the AutoID industry and a recognized expert on the subject, who passed away on July 6, 2012. His tremendous contributions to this community will be missed, but Bert will live on through the legacy of his stewardship and educational efforts on behalf of the entire AutoID ecosystem.

For many years, Bert served the AutoID community in a host of different capacities. As the director of IDAT Consulting & Education, Bert provided educational and consultative services to companies evaluating investment in/deployment of various AutoID solution types.

As the Director of AIM's (Association of Automatic Identification and Mobility) Technical Communications and Media Relations, Bert wrote and edited AIM's newsletters "RFID Connections" and "AIM Connections." In his role at AIM, he also served as the recording secretary for the Association’s Technical Symbology Committee (TSC) and RFID Experts Group (REG) and was a member of the RFID Emblem maintenance committee. 

In addition to his work with AIM, Bert also served on ANSI’s (American National Standards Institute) Data Identifier maintenance committee and chaired the CompTIA RFID+ Certification cornerstone committee.

During his years of service to the AutoID ecosystem, Bert received a number of honors and awards in recognition of his outstanding work, including the AIM USA "Industry Service Award" in 1992 and the 2010 recipient of the AIM "Excellence in Journalism" Award. In 1997, Bert was selected as a charter member of the AIDC 100 organization, an association of individuals who have made significant contributions to education within the AIDC industry. We thank Bert for his years of service to the Auto-ID community and send our thoughts to his family and loved ones.

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