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Smartphones Meet Smart Posters

Proxama, a global Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions provider, has launched a smart poster marketing campaign in New York and Los Angeles advertising the upcoming new season of VH1’s hit show Basketball Wives. There are several partners working on this campaign, including Hyperspace, a firm specializing in out-of-home communications, Nokia, a leader in NFC-enabled mobile devices and marketing media distribution specialists JCDecaux and Cemusa. Proxama led a similar, well-received campaign earlier this year in London to promote the latest X-Men movie. 

The smart posters are straightforward: By tapping an NFC-enabled phone on the poster, passersby  can access an exclusive trailer and link to the show’s Facebook page. Given the low penetration of NFC phones in the US, the campaign is intended to be more of a demonstration of the technology’s potential in the rapidly emerging mobile marketing industry.   

NFC offers opportunities for mobile marketing that reach beyond basic smart poster interactivity. As consumer-level NFC adoption scales in the US, advertising applications leveraging this technology will evolve rapidly. Potential marketing applications include location-based messaging, personalized/targeted offers, mobile couponing and loyalty.  NFC is a versatile technology that will enable direct, immediate access to consumers through which personalized, targeted content can be delivered. Mobile and interactive marketing is just one of the NFC applications we’ll be exploring in our upcoming NFC report—stay tuned for more details.

Special acknowledgement: Dan Mandell, Research Associate, co-authored this blog post.

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