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Intermec’s First Foray into the Value-Priced Scanning Category

Intermec, a global market leader for AIDC solutions including barcode printers and scanners, recently released a general purpose handheld linear imager, SG10T, targeting the small- and medium-sized business segment across multiple vertical markets and installation environments. The solution has been designed for non-industrial use, which marks a shift from the company’s traditional stronghold. While classifying it as a low cost, easy-to-use barcode imager, Intermec is also offering a 3-year warranty with the product that has a list price of $140 (€108).

At VDC, we expect to see the global market for handheld linear imagers (both industrial and non-ruggedized) to grow at a robust 7.9% CAGR from 2010-2015. This growth is, however, expected to plateau as 2D imagers become largely disruptive to laser scanners and linear imagers over time, as enterprises increasingly develop and execute their migration paths to the same. By featuring an “out-of-the-box ready” experience at an attractive price point, however, Intermec has an advantage of being highly appealing to lower revenue tier organizations who largely invest in 1D barcode scanning technologies while waiting on the continued price erosion of 2D imagers.

The biggest challenge for Intermec with this product launch, marking the company’s first foray into the value-priced scanning category, might just be communicating the value propositions to its distribution channel partners. With such a broad portfolio of AIDC offerings across product categories, however, this industry behemoth can expect to cater to an extremely wide spectrum of end-user enterprises.

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