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5G Edge Infrastructure Market Growing Rapidly Ahead of Standardization

Competing and Complementary Frequencies Changing Global RFID Landscape

Technologies (i.e.: Active, Passive, BAP) and Frequencies for several core solutions are migrating to HF or EPC UHF solutions due to cost efficiencies, increased performance and the desire to have more ubiquitous solutions. For example, LF security/access control and ID systems are migrating to HF 14443, LF animal tracking solutions are competing with HF and EPC UHF systems, and passive EPC is now a viable option for many traditional active UHF and MW systems for asset tracking, location-based services (LBS) and vehicle identification systems. 

Even HF and EPC are beginning to compete in the same markets.  Although most EPC UHF activity pertains to supply chain, shop-floor and asset tracking solutions, innovation, attractive price-performance levels and a highly knowledgeable service community have positioned these solutions to compete in many core HF markets, such as library, laundry, access control, AVI/EVR, animal tracking, authentication and more recently, card-based systems.

Active solutions in the UHF and MW frequency are increasingly being perceived as complementary solutions in many core passive markets due to their performance in harsh RF environments, their ability to receive and transmit data independently, their memory capacities and their longer read ranges.  An example would be the use of passive and active UHF solutions within the supply chain as a means to provide tracking, sensing/monitoring and RTLS.

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