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5G Edge Infrastructure Market Growing Rapidly Ahead of Standardization

Application-specific Deployments Driving Kiosks Market Growth

Suppliers experienced strong growth in kiosk installations across a variety of vertical market segments as end-user enterprises embraced a number of applications targeted at enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. Vendors are expected to derive maximum revenues from product vending kiosks & pedestal kiosk installations in big box retail chains (including department stores and mass merchandisers) and supermarkets/grocery stores.

Kiosk sales into the Government and Healthcare vertical markets tend to be highly application-specific, necessitating partnerships with the ISV community, whose domain expertise and systems integration capabilities enable vendors to adequately address the highly targeted solution specifications posed by end-user organizations.

Deployments are also seen gaining traction within the transportation vertical as airports, bus and rail stations increasingly rely on kiosks to ease congestion, lower employee headcount and reduce costs for rendering basic services. Globally, this segment is expected to register a CAGR over 9%, with suppliers generating over $100 million in kiosk sales to the transportation vertical by 2015.

VDC expects to see those vendors devoting resources toward building systems integration capabilities (in-house or via strategic partnerships) to create a compelling competitive advantage as they address & assuage enterprise end-users’ concerns regarding ROI, compatibility with existing in-store infrastructure, and overall installation/deployment costs.

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