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RFID Convergence with Biometrics Takes its Next Step

The convergence of RFID with Biometrics has been anticipated for some time due to the ability of each solution to compliment the other – both technologies are proven to provide reliable and secure access control/ID solutions.  The marriage of these two technologies enhances the value propositions for each technology by providing a complimentary, value adding solution and an additional level of redundancy, a critical component of an advanced security system.  RFID and Biometrics have been evolving in parallel and competing for similar applications, so it was only a matter of time that these two solutions began to converge.

We’ve seen the rumblings of this convergence over the past few years from the introduction of several concepts and/or offering from firms that were integrating biometric functionality into RFID systems; however, these were more of a ‘mashing’ of already existing technologies and solutions as opposed to have fully-integrated and compatible devices.  

ZK Software, Inc., a developer of biometric scanners and RFID readers, just introduced the industry’s first fully-integrated biometric/RFID reader.  According to ZK Software, the iFace “detects the same face with 15 different facial expressions and is unaffected by varying light intensity, boasts one of the fastest fingerprint-and facial-matching algorithms available, includes a high definition "auto-learning" infrared night vision camera for user identification in poorly lit environments, easily integrates with any software application, and offers optional built-in Wi-Fi or GPRS for wireless communication.”  For the complete press release, click on the following link:

This is just the beginning.  This is a natural area of convergence in which both technologies not only compliment each other, but add value to the overall solution.   Keep an eye out – I think this will be a hotbed of activity and a green-field of opportunity in the years to come.

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