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Barcode and RFID Convergence: Leveraging EPC & GS1 for Business Value

That’s the title of a newly created white paper we’ve just produced for GS1/EPCGlobal US.  This paper provides a detailed and easy-to-digest overview of the nuances associated with the convergence of these two technologies (as well as other AIDC solutions) on the EPC™ (Electronic Product Code) platform, offering examples from real-world installations and users, as well as hard data gathered by VDC as we researched the topic.   

The following is an excerpt:

“Barcode is the dominant track and trace technology on the planet. RFID is an emerging successor in some applications, a valuable complement in most. Barcode is used globally throughout most industries and is the de facto standard for most companies, regardless of tier or location. RFID is an emerging solution, capable of extending the value proposition of barcode by providing additional functionality and removing the limitations of line-of-sight scanning. Although these two technologies could be perceived as direct competitors for the same applications, end users continue to require both solutions – and this is not a short term condition.”

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