Client Goal

Our client, their experienced community of OEMs and their growing community of ISVs were successfully developing products / solutions optimized for their customers’ needs. However, at the same time, a number of technical and commercial issues were shuffling investment priorities and customer preferences in their markets. Our client wanted a qualified industry analyst to provide on-site training for key (internal and partner) personnel on the latest trends and customer opportunities and requirements in their core markets.

VDC Approach

In order to support our client’s goal, we provided several deliverables for the on-site training, which included delivering the presentation itself, moderating the freeform discussion and Q&A and providing additional insights and data tables for the client market planners to refer to as a toolkit. The presentation and supporting data tables included coverage of:


Our participation in the event provided the audience with the expert insights needed to fully understand the impact of the changing investment priorities and customer preferences on their community, providing a launching pad for key channel and partner strategy discussions.


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