It’s Back to School for Ada!

When it comes to embedded programming, Ada does not get a ton of attention – especially when compared to increasingly popular languages such as Java or C++. However, Ada is extremely effective for the safety-critical markets in which it plays, and its use has remained steady over the years. With Java and other languages’ continued rise in popularity – a trend driven in large part by younger engineers joining the workforce – Ada had been considered by some to be an antiquated language used by an aging segment of the engineering population. The release of Ada 2012 late last year began to turn the tide in the other direction.

AdaCore, which made significant contributions to the development of Ada 2012, is now looking to further drive Ada to the forefront of programmers’ minds with the introduction of AdaCore University. Launched earlier this week, AdaCore University is a free, web-based resource center targeting those interested in learning Ada. Courses are led by Ada experts such as AdaCore co-founders Robert Dewar and Edmond Schonberg, and provide students with hands-on Ada programming experience. All students are given access to AdaCore’s GNAT Ada development environment.

While Ada will remain in its safety-critical niche, AdaCore’s dedication to bringing the language to a new generation of embedded engineers will help Ada achieve a greater growth trajectory. And of course, providing students with the GNAT Ada development environment is a great way to get future customers!